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Meanings of Addiction and Internet Dependence - Literature review Example

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This report reviews the general meanings of addiction and internet dependence and examines pervasiveness and use rates. Furthermore, it talks about stimulating factors, the reason for internet addiction, and the negative effects of web addiction, and available treatment and aversion alternatives…
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Extract of sample "Meanings of Addiction and Internet Dependence"

Download file to see previous pages Studies have shown that 34% of web addicts use 21 to 40 hours per week on the web, while 11% of web addicts use more than 40 hours per week on the internet. The measure of time that is used on the internet by addicts has negative impacts on their overall prosperity (Widyanto and Griffiths, p. 36). Among the internet addicts, the highest number is comprised upon the game addicts (McQuade et al, p. 27), however, sub addiction categories are also growing rapidly. The sub addiction categories include online gambling, sexual addicts, online auction, stock trading, and relationship addiction (social networks) (Widyanto and Griffiths, p. 42).
It has been argued that the most critical innovation of the twentieth century is the Internet. The Internet has altered the data and correspondence stream of individuals, changing the way we communicate with others, accumulate and spread data, work together, entertain and express ourselves. Although it has numerous benefits, the Internet has additionally been distinguished as an accomplice to issues including pornography, gambling, and extra-marital affairs. Internet addiction has been termed as a disorder by many well reputed and experienced authors. For example, Young (2001) defined Internet addiction as a behavioral addiction that serves as an adaptive instrument and obtains from substance reliance criteria for the DSM-IV (Young, p. 97).
The Internet addiction needs to be addressed because the internet has become a key learning source for students, therefore; it is also available in almost all institutes across the globe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...for the entire game and play continually than use the free version and be interrupted during the experience (Chow, 2011). Reports of Internet addiction began to appear in medical journals as early as the 1990s and has continued to increase. Various uses were becoming easier to define as the addiction continued. Five categories were assigned as compulsive, pathological, problematic, dependency , and Internetomania (Chakraborty, Basu, & Vijaya-Kumar, 2010). Problem Statement The problem is that individuals who spend time on the Internet may find they have become addicted to the online environment and the loss of control in their daily...
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...that time spent on the internet is a problem even in the work places workers tend to create time for internet surfing. The society is being warned for the rise in this issue because the children in their effort to learn computer skills are also exploring the internet. In view of all this, are people addicted to the internet? Experts describe the internet to be as destructive as drug craving and alcoholism. Yes people have an addiction to the internet, however, to some it is a matter of choice, and this depends on an individual’s choice on how to utilize his extra time. The press has made...
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Social Promlem project on Internet Addiction the internet addiction. Conclusion To sum up, internet addiction is the growing trend. Sex, games, money, chatting and internet are the major contributors. The first two factors affect males more than the females. There is the mixed trend for the third one, whereas, the last two are most causing the females to get addicted. It they need to be treated, the most effective strategy is to reduce the harm causing behavior, rather than abstaining from the use of internet, because of excessive dependence on internet for many of the transactions and other activities. Works...
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Internet Addiction and College students education for students as well as for the professionals to make things easier; it greatly enhances the learning and practices of individuals and that it is meant to cause students learning and their performance at their performance at the higher-level Mayer (2000). However, there are reports that reveal, there are negative effects brought by heavy Internet use on one's psychological wellbeing (Young, 2004). Thus, this paper intends to explore several viewpoints about internet addiction in order to discuss and be clarified on the existing issues and concerns about the topic. Anderson (2000) explained that, internet dependent...
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...concerning an argument of whether internet addiction is a disorder or not. Some individuals believe that internet addiction is a disorder just like any other disorder and should join the list of present disorders. Some other individuals believe that there is nothing like internet addiction or a disorder called internet addiction (Julia & Mark, 2004: p.1). Supporters of the Motion One of the arguments by the supporters of the fact that internet addiction is a disorder is that about seven percent of the individuals who are surf suffer from website...
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Internet Addiction and Depression

... voluntarily write their email addresses on a paper slip to be entered into the draw. After the data collection, five email addresses were drawn randomly. To ensure utmost anonymity, the students who won were emailed to collect their prizes from the university- unaffiliated office. Propose Analysis The analytical technique used in this study was t- test. The technique was preferred because the study wished to compare the sampled results with a known mean, that is, the world approximated average of 1.2% concerning internet addiction and depression. Male Female Mean 1.81 1.67 Variance 0.005486 0.00621 Observations 10 10 Hypothesized Mean Difference 0 df 60 t Stat 7.851892 P (T<=t) one- tail 2.2E- 11 t Critical one- tail 1.5993307 P (T<=t) two... Internet Addiction and...
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Internet Addiction

...1. What is the main point of this article?  The main point in the article is that internet availability has led to internet-addiction especially among the teens. Additionally, the article lists several negative effects of internet ranging from health disorders, psychological and social. According to the article internet addiction has already been declared a disaster in countries such as China and Korea where institutions to deal with addicted persons have been set up. The author argues that internet usage can be important but compulsive internet use for activities such as playing game,...
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Internet addiction

...disadvantages of becoming addicted to internet or using it excessively. It can cause back aches, puts stress on eyes, cause sleep disturbances, weight gain or weight loss. In this modern era, internet is considered to be the most highly used and promoted tool of technology that is used a lot by people. This shows that usage of internet has now become an addiction which is making it difficult for the people to overcome it. Like any other type of addiction, internet addiction is a little different as it can provide benefits to a person depending on the technological development that is...
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...,") Moreover, the associated decrease of physical activity and transition to a sedentary life style increases the risk of weight gain and development of obesity. At the same time, Internet addiction can be a root of other problems that would interfere with one’s normal functioning on a long-term basis. Apart from the appearance of physical health problems, such as vision, and neck problems, psychological issues are also expected. Namely, spending too much online can impair real life relationships and lead to a loss of skills of face-to-face communication. ("What is internet,”) Furthermore, it became common for people to create a cult of self by means of overexposing...
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...Internet Addiction Grade (April 17, Internet Addiction Internet addiction has been defined in varied terms, with some referring to it as web dependency while others refer to it as online overindulgence. Statistics have indicated that China and South Korea are the mainly affected countries, with the two countries having an internet addiction rate of 30% of their populations (Alexander, 2012). Statistics have indicated that 14% of the urban youths in china, which translates into 24 million kids show signs of internet addiction, while in the USA,...
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