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How Do We Use Stories - Essay Example

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Since time immemorial, people have used stories to pass on information from one generation to the next. The content of this information varies from cultural aspect that solely aims…
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How Do We Use Stories
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Extract of sample "How Do We Use Stories"

Download file to see previous pages Stories are also powerful. They enchant, delight, recall, touch, teach, motivate, inspire and challenge us. They help us understand certain things by creating pictures in our minds. Our lives revolve around stories, and as such, they move us and make us feel alive. Our appetite for stories is a demonstration of our insatiable desire to understand life patterns, an understanding that in addition to providing an ideal intellectual exercise also provides a personal emotional experience. Thus stories offers a platform through which we can reach out to people, and connect with them emotionally. It is therefore imperative that we understand the various forms and occasions that we use stories, the objectives we want to achieve, and the means we employ in our quest for achieving the said objective.
The primary motive of a story is to capture a moment or event and then immortalize it. This is how information regarding various cultures and occurrences that took place way before the advent of writing passed down through generations, until this day we are able to either read them in books, or listen to people narrate them. These stories, whether we hear them or read them, have several aspects that tend to remain unchanged over time. For instance, a good number of stories we hear or read focus on human beings, the people. Be it ancient tales or modern stories delivered in a setting such as in an organization, or a story focusing on the environment or of the times before humans came to be, the central focus remains the people, in the form of characters at play, and by extension, the audience. All stories maintain this focus on the people in order to remain relevant, attract the listener or the readers’ attention, and thus pass the information, which as aforementioned, could be to educate, or just to preserve facts and ideas about the community.
Stories also stir up emotions. The preservation of an event or occurrence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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