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Architecture of the UAE - Essay Example

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The growth is initiated by the public sector but the private sector is as active. The Emirate of Dubai is now being credited with the highest per square kilometre of…
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Architecture of the UAE
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Download file to see previous pages sis is now placed on projects to be completed within the specified project duration due to the current trend of shifting most projects towards the fast track approach. This has led to the need to pinpoint exactly the relevant causes of delay that have to be monitored during the entire phases of the project on time. (Olsen & West, 2007)
There is a major construction boom in Dubai; Garhoud Bridge expanding hotels, sky scrapers, projects, palm islands, metro and so on, is currently in full swing. This requires a lot of investment and Dubai has been successful in attracting foreign investment by giving benefits such as residence visa and 99 year freehold ownership. All this has led into a vicious circle where the flow of money in Dubai has increased resulting increase in absolute prices which has in turn led to higher inflation. (Stern, 2009)
Who is building this huge new city and its peers around the United Arab Emirates? Some of the worlds most acclaimed architects — whose reputations in western capitals, China, and India have put them in high demand — have been drawn to these desert lands. They include Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando, Rem Kolhaas, Carlos Ott and many others. (Kaufman, 2007)
To the untrained eye, the Dubai of 25 years ago might have seemed an unappealing place to build. The region was more or less a blank slate. But to talented international architects striving to execute their unique vision and to the firms that grew around them, Dubai was fertile ground. Here there was no need to remove previously constructed housing complexes or industrial structures, theater districts or public buildings (Stern, 2009). There had been no visionaries or practitioners of architecture whose footprints would be erased in order to build anew. Most importantly, there were ample funds available, and the support of the local population who shared the new, unique vision of development. As a result, the imagination and creativity of the worlds greatest architects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Architecture of the UAE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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