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Problematic Media Use - Essay Example

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It is without question that one of the determinants of the current era is with regards to the degree of time spent utilizing technology. Whereas but a few decades ago, the workplace and social life were not defined by technology, the current world is pervaded by technology in all its forms…
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Problematic Media Use
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Download file to see previous pages Alongside this dynamic shift with regards to how society currently operates, a unique issue has been determined and has been labeled by research as problematic Internet usage e (PIU). As a result of researching this particular exhibition to a more profound degree, the following analysis will consider the article entitled, “An Evaluation of Two Characterizations of the Relationships Between Problematic Internet Use, Time Spent Using the Internet, and Psychosocial Problems”. It is the hope of this author that such analysis will help to shed a degree of light not only with regards the particular article in question, but also with respect to justifying it with some of the other readings that of engaged during the course of this week. One aspect of PIU that the article does not cover in enough depth is with regards to whether or not PIU is entirely dependent upon the exhibition of psychosocial issues. Although it can be appreciated that PIU is an issue that affects a broader and broader subset of current society, the fact of the matter is that determining whether or not this is an issue that should concern broader society is ultimately rooted in what the outcomes and side effects of PIU portend (Tokunaga & Rains, 2010). If it is true that PIU is mutually exclusive and cannot exist without the prevalence of psychosocial issues, then the research itself stands solidly upon the framework of delineating a codependent relationship between these. However, if it is the case that PIU can exist to varying degrees without clear and determinate impacts upon psychosocial interaction, the entire rubric and theses of this particular research is undone. Another shortcoming that is evidenced with regards to the research is whether or not correlation equals causation. Although the researchers lay out a definitively well researched piece with regards to whether or not anxiety, depression, and a litany of other psychosocial ills can result from Internet dependency, the reader/researcher automatically questions whether or not the weekend exhibition of these could merely be exacerbated by the withdrawal from society and increased usage of the Internet as a means of escapism. Naturally, this particular review and analysis piece is neither the time nor the place to discuss whether or not such an alternative theory is indeed more applicable; however, it is worthwhile to note that accepting the theoretical model put forward by the authors of the research piece lens one to categorically accept several inherent weaknesses of the research. This naturally relates to many of the other topics that have thus far been read during the week’s assigned readings. Specifically, an issue of measurement is brought to light with Gibbs et al in their article, “First Come love, then comes Google: An investigation of uncertainty reduction strategies and self-disclosure in online dating”. The importance of tackling the measurement issues first are of the utmost importance as they lay the groundwork for any possibility of drawing further inference with regards to the research topic at hand. Ultimately, the issue of self-disclosure, as with any psychosocial issue is of a paramount importance. Other articles that helped to discuss the differing nuances of how technological addiction is playing into the lives of the average ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Problematic Media Use Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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