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Childrens School Holiday Program with Refugee - Case Study Example

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This paper focuses on the duties of a social worker which are difficult to handle and require a lot of efforts and dedication. All social workers have to be trained, training itself is not adequate in ensuring that they carry out their duties effectively…
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Childrens School Holiday Program with Refugee
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Download file to see previous pages However, this is not the case as reflected by the case of a social worker who took a group of students from Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan on a holiday program. While the first week the program reached an impasse due to a clash of interests among the students, the second week ended successfully. It is a general expectation that whenever social workers undertake any duties, they should bind themselves in these standards of work and ethics of conduct. Experts and researchers have cited a number of reasons explaining the outcomes of various events handled by a social worker. In analyzing the two case studies, the various contributing factors for the success of the second trip will be analyzed. The use of reflective work and systems theory, attachment theory, anti-oppressive theory, strengths theory as well as the cultural aspect of people living in a community will be addressed. Moreover, the various theories and ethical codes offering guidelines to social workers in the handling of their duties will illustratively indicate their contributions to the success of a social worker’s duties. Possible change interventions in relation to the theories will also be discussed.
A social worker on placement at Mercy family services took two different groups of children on holiday program. The students were refugees/ immigrants from Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. The two activities took place in different weeks. While in week one the activities reached an impasse, the second week was successful. The social worker on placement realized that the students could not agree together on a number of issues. The children were not only not playing together, but also wanted to take part in different activities. After failure to agree, the program was called off.
However, learning from the experiences of the previous week, the social worker took the Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan immigrant/refugee children on a holiday program. With the application of lessons learned from the previous week, the social worker was able to carry out the program successfully.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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