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Spiritual Cultural Models - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper stresses that the ability to apply spiritual and cultural models is one which is congruent with every area of life.  Emotional applications in any environment provide stronger capacity for change and stability to manifestation within a given area of one’s life.  …
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Spiritual Cultural Models
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Extract of sample "Spiritual Cultural Models"

Download file to see previous pages By doing this, there is the ability to establish a more defined and structured approach to working with spiritual cultural models within any given environment.
The concept of emotional intelligence is one which is often looked into by psychologists and those who have a deeper understanding of how the emotions affect actions, reactions and different associations which one makes. This particular paper takes the idea of emotional intelligence to a different level. This is done by associating this with the ideologies of living a spiritual life. The spiritual life which one has is defined as directly affecting the emotional intelligence which one also has toward a given situation or circumstance. In this particular article, there is a definition of how this significantly changes the ideologies of an individual as well as how it may affect an organization or group of individuals. The concept of emotional intelligence is then noted to relate to how others work with others, associations with specific individuals and the defining points which are related to the emotional ideologies which one carries with them.
The article challenges the ideas of both spiritual life and the emotional intelligence which one carries by defining the spiritual practice one has. It is noted that if one has a spiritual practice then it links directly to the levels of emotional intelligence which one carries. This is associated specifically with one’s ability to understand their authentic identity through spiritual beliefs. The mechanics which are associated with this are inclusive with how one reflects their self – worth within society, the community, and the work context.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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