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Relational Cultural Theory - Essay Example

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Relational Cultural Theory s name Submission date Relational Cultural Theory According to Miller (1976), relational cultural theorists advocate for the extension of the multicultural/social impartiality, counseling competences past the realm of self- alertness, cultural acquaintance, and culturally receptive helping skills…
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Relational Cultural Theory
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Download file to see previous pages As Jordan and Hartlings (2001) observed, people develop and grow in a relationship which in inculcated by the cultural framework. The relational cultural theory emphasizes on the need for connection among people to accomplish the required changes and transformation. The theory also understands the interaction connecting the broader collective and cultural context and the aptitude to enhance and sustain development relationship (Jordan and Hartlings, 2001) Fundamental Assumptions of Relational Cultural Theory According to Jordan and Hartlings (2001) Relational Cultural Theory is a hypothesis of growth development and counseling. It was developed from the philosophy perception that, traditional method of counseling and development do not address comprehensively the relational experiences of the underrated members of the society. The theory was brought about to address and bridge the gap of experiences which excised in the traditional models. The theory is based on the following assumptions The theory recognizes and assumes that, disconnection and opportunities transpire on both individual and societal level. As stated by walker (2001), the perceptions of an individual by the society have a vast impact on the manner an entity connects and disconnect with other society affiliates. The theory assumes that, the societal application of grouping, stratifying, and typecasting individuals have a sound impact on people sense of connection and disconnection. The theory further assumes that, people cultivate and develop toward an affiliation all through their life span. Individual must be associated with a relation for comprehensive development. The growth and development relationship can range from mere family relationship to the entire society union (Walker, 2001). The relational cultural theory also assumes that, psychological growth in an individual is determined by individual capability to participate in multifaceted and diversified interface network in the society. Individual who participate in complex social interactions and development have advanced psychological growth. In this case, individual development depends on the level of interaction between the individual and the society members (Walker, 2001). The theory also assumes that, growth –fostering interaction is always enriched by reciprocated empowerment and empathy. Mutual empowerment is a key emphasis in the development of any mature relationship. On the other hand, the theory stands on the assumption that, people grow and develop as a result of their participation in growth development activities. Individual input to the development of growth initiatives in the society fosters their personal development. How does RCT differ for old psychology of both women and men? According to Judith and Jordan (2008), the old psychology was based on self conscious influence to human growth and development. In reference to the old psychology ideologies, both men and women behaviors were influenced and controlled by mind, soul, and spirit concepts. The nature controlled the behavioral characteristics in an individual. The individual growth and development is deeply predisposed by the surroundings and the society individual believes orientation. According to Judith and Jordan (2008), the society did not have a role to play in defining and modifying individuals characteristics. The ideas and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Relational Cultural Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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