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Discuss Dean's role in On the Road as a personal, cultural, or spiritual hero/savior figure for Sal - Book Report/Review Example

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The two personalities are Sal and the character played by Dean. The difference of lifestyles between people is also highlighted. The lifestyle display of Dean is one full of life…
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Discuss Deans role in On the Road as a personal, cultural, or spiritual hero/savior figure for Sal
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"Discuss Dean's role in On the Road as a personal, cultural, or spiritual hero/savior figure for Sal"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, Sal lives a careful life. He leads a conservative life as he seeks to build a life before he comes of age. He rarely drank, travelled or spent a night in nightclubs or motels. He is happily married and is in the best track a young man would have imagined to have been at his age. However, he goes through a divorce which changes his life completely (Kelly 45). He searches for a new life in which he can find solace and peace. He did not want his previous life s he imagined all the fun he had missed in life. In his pursuit of an alternative life, he encounter with Dean whom they become very close. Dean completely changed his life as he experienced new eras and lessons in life (Kelly 49).
This paper will analyze the change experienced by Sal as he encountered Dean. The paper will also discuss social factors about Sal that changed for this relationship. In regards to Sal’s life, the paper will also point out the negative and positive influences of Dean’s life on Sal. The analysis would then highlight the overall change son Sal’s life through lesson he learnt from Sal.
Dean’s role in the novel is to act as the agent of change on Sal’s life. The author effectively highlights the differences between the two characters. After being disappointed by sacrifices he made, Sal opts o fit into Dean’s life and that commences the plot of the novel. The Dean change is one with an assurance of girls, visions and everything as cited by Sal (Kelly 67). The author further argues that there was a pearl that would be offered to Sal as he joins Dean in his world endeavors (Kelly 67). The experience filled life of Dean presents a direction in which the author takes to shape the direction of Sal’s life.
The role of Dean is also to depict the nature of the modern family and family values. Dean multiple sexual encounter depicts the rot in society and its impact on the society. Additionally, he got ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss Dean'S Role in On the Road As a Personal, Cultural, or Book Report/Review.
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