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Volunteer and Mega Sporting Events - Article Example

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This paper “Volunteer and Mega Sporting Events” will focus on why volunteers are hired and managed and what motivates them to be loyal to their jobs. Moreover, this paper will focus on examples of members of St. John Ambulance and their voluntary services…
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Download file to see previous pages It is still difficult to understand whether the concept of volunteering is based on purely altruistic reasons or not. What can be gauged from the research here is that the basis of volunteering differs from events to events. In some events, volunteering might require purely altruistic offerings while in others benefits and returns might be achieved by the volunteers. There are many different kinds of volunteers, the first of which is episodic volunteers who work spontaneously as one-off or work at the same time each year. ‘Episodic volunteering is divided into long-term volunteering, habitual episodic volunteering, and genuine episodic volunteering. These three types of episodic volunteering differ based on the number of times spent on a project, the motivation of volunteers, their expectations of rewards and their willingness to donate cash.’ (Handy and Brodeur 2006) There are still some undefined similarities and differences between these three forms of episodic volunteering. Therefore further research is suggested to clarify the definitions and management of these episodic volunteers. Event managers require volunteers for many tasks of an event. First of all, as mentioned earlier, volunteers work without any financial gain which provides an economic benefit to the event managers since they save up on their expenses. Such people who offer their services without any monetary demand, most of the times, have a grave interest in the event which leads them to be seriously committed to their work. This again is a major benefit to the event manager since this gives him a chance to make a responsible team of workers. Volunteers offer a unique flavor to the event and bring in skills that are missing from the existing working team. They show interest and offer ideas to further improve the event. Also, the volunteers increase the number of the event team which gives a good impression to the spectators and also divides the responsibilities in a better way. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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