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Instructions for Volunteers - Thesis Example

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1. It is important to note that our main goal is to promote volunteering in various social activities that add value to our societies. As such, it is important to familiarize yourself with our mission, vision and overall goal: VISION Strengthening and connecting the society through volunteering
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Instructions for Volunteers
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Extract of sample "Instructions for Volunteers"

Instructions for Volunteers Instructions for Volunteers It is important to that our main goal is to promote volunteering in various social activities that add value to our societies. As such, it is important to familiarize yourself with our mission, vision and overall goal:
Strengthening and connecting the society through volunteering
Leading a coordinated and well organized state-wide volunteering effort
We are knowledgeable, collaborative, visible, innovative and effective.
2. Our main focus is to build a relationship that creates strong and respectful external and internal relationship that is geared toward enhancing our own and others’ capability. As such, each and every volunteer is supposed to equip themselves with adequate skills and attitude that enhances working together, supporting each other and acknowledging the importance of each and every person in the society
3. Each and every volunteer should equip themselves with the basic principles and guidelines of volunteering. They include:
Benefiting the community
Volunteering is a matter of choice
Volunteering work is unpaid
Volunteering is a substitute for salaried jobs
Volunteers respect and upholds the cultural dignity of people among other principles
4. Each volunteer should demonstrate the ability and willingness to work under the stipulated terms of service. In case there is a complaint or an issue to be handled, the volunteer should use the correct channel to air their grievances.
5. Each volunteer should be willing to undergo training and new skills acquisition programs in order to acquire new skills, knowledge and competence.
6. Each volunteer should adhered to the organizations dressing and grooming codes. Inappropriate dressings will be disciplined.
7. Volunteers should provide their vital identification documents and clearances from relevant government departments.
8. Lastly, it is important for all volunteers to familiarize themselves with their new culture and environment especially when posted in a different away from home.
Allen, J., Gabbard, D. & May, C., (2003). Best practices for instruction issuance. 2 ed. Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University Read More
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Instructions for Volunteers Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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