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Problems of Children and Young in Britain - Essay Example

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The paper "Problems of Children and Young in Britain" states that the British government, aware of its history in the crisis situation in 1997 launched an effective program such as the Youth Crime Action Plan, which handles youth criminal cases, and guides them to avoid reoffending in their lives…
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Problems of Children and Young in Britain
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Extract of sample "Problems of Children and Young in Britain"

Download file to see previous pages A few laws, which persist to protect the interests of the young adults and to establish their footing in society as individuals. However, their age is a fundamental restriction incomplete participation in the society, which commemorates activities such as alcohol, cigarettes, lotteries, sexual activities, and driving. It also defines the age at which these children could be held responsible for criminal offences they might have committed, but the greatest concern of sociologists is as to what are the offences and age that mark the line between these youth are being condemned by the law. Conversely, the Howard Law confirms, “no civilized society regards children as accountable for their actions to the same extent as the adults” (Haydon & Scraton, pg. 416, 2000).
The criminal age set for children in England in 1998, is 10; much less as compared to that in other European states; while between the age of ten and fourteen, he could be pleased for criminal responsibility, if it could be proven that the child knew what he did was wrong. Critics believe that at this small age, a child does not have the ability to comprehend the gravity of his (criminal) actions, nor understand the complexity of the investigation and follow, which would proceed with it. The young society of England was labeled under the ‘crisis of childhood’ after the famous murder of a 2-year old James Bulgar in 1993 by two eleven-year-old boys, who were proven guilty under the same laws as that applied to an adult. The case taken by the media and politicians’ exploitation proved that the two boys were ‘folk devils’ or ‘freaks of nature,’ changing sense of childhood being full of innocence and vulnerability to criminality and loss of natural behavior.
What was more horrific was trials aftermath of the adult creation of a child’s innocent and negligent behavior. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Problems of Children and Young in Britain Essay.
(Problems of Children and Young in Britain Essay)
Problems of Children and Young in Britain Essay.
“Problems of Children and Young in Britain Essay”.
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