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Discuss who is responsible for creating a 'Broken Britain' - Essay Example

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This paper reviews all those factors holds back Britain from being prosperous in terms of economy, ethics, and skill and culture. Then the study identifies the main force responsible for breaking Britain, by specially referring to young generation Britons and criminal activities of recent times…
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Discuss who is responsible for creating a Broken Britain
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Download file to see previous pages David Cameron, the prime minister of Conservatives, prior to the lections of 2008 had appeared in Glassgow and gave a vision of broken Britain’ for the first time. In his speech, he admitted the effects caused by destruction of industries and its disastrous outcomes on jobs and aspirations of people. What is actually meant was formulation of wrong policies which curbed the interests and wellbeing of middle- class Britons. People who were around and below poverty line and people facing social exclusion were his chief concerns. He placed their problem on similar grounds of importance with other national problems like obesity, consumption of drugs and alcohol. He insisted that problems in society arise as direct “consequence of the choices people make”. This view of broken Britain is shared by most British citizens. Glassgow’s residents had suffered though the phrases said by Cameron (Jones, 2011, p. 73).
Politics, more precisely liberalism had played a major role in breaking it further. While endorsing his “semi- apocalyptic” vision of Britain being broken into pieces, the working middle class and lower middle class sections were first held responsible and then shown as victims. This duality in policy led to division of opinions among millions of Britons all across the state. Added to it, since then whenever there occurred any tragic incident or mishap happened, political leaders tried their level best to exemplify them and support their own respective views. All these did nothing but infuriated the common people. Several surveys and studies have reflected the growing contempt. The working class or middle class average Britons were targeted by both the parties belong to right and left (Jones, 2011, p. 73)....
Added to it, since then whenever there occurred any tragic incident or mishap happened, political leaders tried their level best to exemplify them and support their own respective views. All these did nothing but infuriated the common people. Several surveys and studies have reflected the growing contempt. The working class or middle class average Britons were targeted by both the parties belong to right and left (Jones, 2011, p. 73). Britain: social decay Present day British society is subdivided into numerous categories. Different classes are segmented based on culture, ethnicity, affluence, ancestral roots and tradition. All these segmentations have made Britain’s society rather a complex one. Political and cultural authority of London all over Britain is not welcomed by some parts of Britain. Also districts like Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England have been continuously pledging for autonomous power in their respective areas than centralized authority of London (Levitas, 2005, p 123). At the same time, there exists stark disparity among the rich and affluent class and the economically depressed ones. Thus gaps regarding economy and culture have separated northern and southern parts of Britain. Above all is the political rift between the liberals and the conservatives. The political arena has created divisions among natives, common citizens, minority communities and groups of special interest. Their chief concern is the imbalance between ethnic cultures and national identity as a British. Also, one can experience a chord of disharmony among the cities and the British countryside. Difference in moral values among the old and new generation can also be found all through Britain. This is roughly the present ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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