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Re-writing the Post - Colonial Canon - Case Study Example

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This paper, Re-writing the Post - Colonial Canon, highlights that before we discuss the six novels against the post-colonial backdrop, it is necessary to build the backdrop by answering   certain fundamental questions such as, ‘What is canon?’, ‘What is post-colonialism?’, ‘What is colonialism?’…
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Re-writing the Post - Colonial Canon
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Download file to see previous pages He argues, it refers to ‘the list of great books that we should read and admire. According to Anne H. Lundin, ‘the canon’s main function is to position texts in relation to one another and to exclude more than include’. Moreover, Eaglestone, further points out that this term associated ‘with the senses of identity to which countries and groups aspire and with the struggle to define identities’. Therefore, we can say that ‘Post-colonial canon’ refers not only to the admired and valuable ‘the English –language literature of Africa, India, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia, and the Caribbean’, as Deborah L. Madsen points out, but also certain shared trends and values and identities which this canon embodies. As Valerie Kennedy explains that ‘What links them is a concern with the imperial past…and with the links between the imperial past and the postcolonial present.’ What is this ‘imperial past’? How is it linked to the ‘postcolonial present’? In order to explore the answers to these questions, let us first try to understand the meanings of imperialism and colonialism. According to John McLeod, ‘Colonialism was a lucrative commercial operation, bringing wealth and riches to Western nations through the economic exploitations of others. It was pursued economic profit, reward, and riches. Hence, colonialism and capitalism share a mutually supportive relationship with each other.’ Imperialism is different from colonialism.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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