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New World - Essay Example

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This paper, New World, stresses that the movie is based on the life and life of John Smith. The main objective of this paper is to analyze the characters and story displayed in the movie with that of the historical data available about John Smith in his real life…
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New World
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Download file to see previous pages To begin with, John Smith was an English voyager, who was also a soldier and writer by choice; As a matter of fact, he was most well-known for his part in the establishment of the so-called first eternal English colony in the New World at Jamestown, Virginia. Smiths myth has grown-up over the periods, precisely due to the widespread story of his connection with Pocahontas, who was well known as a Native American princess. Through his writing the whole world was able to know him more closely and for them the most common characteristics figure associated with him was notorious self-promoter. His writing about himself, narrating various incidents of his life also gives a clear picture about him.. Smith, whose histories deliver ample of what is recognized about Pocahontas, was part of a provisional group of some 100 men assigned the charge of developing an American cluster on behalf of the London-based Virginia Company. Way back in April 1607, three of the company boats reach the coast of Virginia and a group volunteered ashore. “What they found, one of the actual settlers wrote in a near-swoon, were "fair meadows and goodly tall Trees, with such Fresh-waters running through the woods.” In this line, if one analyzes the movie then it is very clear that there is the number of resemblance between the movie and the story of Smith. Dargis in his review has mentioned that the director opens the movie "The New World" with pictures of moving water, skinny-dippers shot from below and the lady who soon recognized by the viewer’s as Pocahontas when she pronounces something which sounds like a prayer (sing the song of a land). Then, after a brief recognition categorization, James Horner's music gives way to tweeting birds, blustering breeze and “what might be the rumble of distant thunder or a cannon blast. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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