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Public Relations and School Administration: The Jena Six Story - Term Paper Example

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The purpose of the present paper "Public Relations and School Administration: The Jena Six Story" is to address the issue of hate crime at Jena High School. Specifically, the writer of the paper will describe the community management plan from the perspective of school administration…
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Public Relations and School Administration: The Jena Six Story
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Extract of sample "Public Relations and School Administration: The Jena Six Story"

Download file to see previous pages The infamous Juvenile Correctional Centre for Youth is located in Jena, with the institution closing after merely 2 years of its opening. The closing of the institution was owed to prevalent brutality and racism. One of the scandals they were involved in was the choking of black juveniles during a meeting with a lawyer. The guards also paid inmates for them to wrestle and fight with each other for their entertainment and also laughed at teenagers who are trying to commit suicide inside the jails (Witt, 2007).
At one time, district boundaries lines had been drawn to establish or maintain white-non white separation. It was in the last 20 or so years that nonwhites had begun to move into several areas; Jena for one, previously populated entirely by whites, and interracial housing was still largely restricted by the higher cost of homes in white neighborhoods and by the practices of some realtors (Witt, 2007).
Jena High School is located in Jena, Louisiana, United States. It is a secondary school which serves grades nine to twelve. Jena High School is under the umbrella of La Salle Parish School Board, having an enrolment population of 538 students. The school population consists of 85% white students and 10% black students in the school year of 2006-2007. The school population does not only consist of people from the town of Jena but is also composed of people from the communities of Beulah, Nebo, and Rinehart (Witt, 2007). Currently, Jena is famous because of Jena 6, a name given to the group composed of 6 black teenagers who were charged with the beating of a white student named Justin Baker at Jena High (Soohen, 2007).
An issue which was reported not only in the United States but also in many parts of the world started under the "white tree".    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Public Relations and School Administration: The Jena Six Story Term Paper.
(Public Relations and School Administration: The Jena Six Story Term Paper)
Public Relations and School Administration: The Jena Six Story Term Paper.
“Public Relations and School Administration: The Jena Six Story Term Paper”.
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