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Evaluation of Social Work - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that Dr. Ben Gray is a researcher of high acclaim and has numerous publications on matters relating to health and social care sectors. Mostly he focuses on mental health and matters related to refugees, the protection of children, emotions in organizations, poverty-stricken etc…
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Evaluation of Social Work
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of Social Work"

Download file to see previous pages The financier of the projects has the welfare of the secluded families at heart since it is the maiden goal of the UK government to ensure it overcomes social and economic in most central parts of the nation (Rutter, M. 1999).
The study is mainly focused on Hamlet which is a deprived area in the UK. An area is a multi-ethnic place which has low levels of home ownership, the problem of overcrowding and high levels of unemployment. Most of the people here are not whites although each minority group here is represented in the way the FSS works are allocated. In this article, Ben is trying to bring out the need for an effective way of dealing with the inequality in low-income places in the whole of the UK by using Hamlet as the example.
To him, innovative projects are the way forward in places where the residents are used to family exclusions, families which are vulnerable, families were the members are used to abuse, families with mental health difficulties, places with domestic violence. This article in this regard is all about the non-stigmatization of ethnic views and specific family needs. In general, it is about bringing together family members who have lived separately for long spells of time and showing them the importance to pull together. This is done through family support where there is home-based family support were parents are brought to their senses about parenting skills.
There is also building bridges in families where parents have had mental problems and are brought together with their other family members. The third initiative is the quality protection was families are assessed and the local authorities’ management action plans are checked for effectiveness. 
The information gotten from this analyzed data is surely reliable given the amount of time the study took and the way the data is represented; in tabular form with the use of a table. The article looks good from presentation to the explanation of the findings. To me, there is nothing I can add or subtract from it. The results are well explained as well as being well represented using a table. In conclusion, the three articles are well written and thought after. The writers are qualified in their fields and have the honor of writing as such. The article has had some beneficial factors as indicated from the start in that, it had shown that the processes involved in caregiving for a child surely affects the way that child performs in adulthood. The article can be used by caregivers while gauging the way of giving care with the future of the child in mind. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluation of Social Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words.
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