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Assessment of Agency Performance- Social Work - Term Paper Example

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Some of the entities that make up their organization are hospital, research and foundation. Each of these is vital in their effort to give hope, care and…
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Assessment of Agency Performance- Social Work
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Extract of sample "Assessment of Agency Performance- Social Work"

Download file to see previous pages It is for such reasons that the Centre has been accredited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. The management of the center has also played an integral part in improving the performance of the organization. The leadership skills of the managers is worth noting since it is such characteristics that help boost the productivity of the staff members and the organization in general.
One of the functioning of an organization is the leadership approaches that the management team employs. Transformational leadership is the best approach used by leaders to improve the performance of organizations. It entails the acquisition of power and a positive manner that in order to ensure change is brought about through the use of support and resources. This approach views the support staff allies that are necessary in bringing about change in an organization. A transformational leader is willing and able to take risks to change conventional beliefs and wisdom. They often show commitment and dedication in their endeavors and also share their belief in the vision of the organization (Hardina, 2006).
These characteristics play an integral part in motivating the staff members or other stakeholders of an organization. By building a sense of community among stakeholders of an organization and sharing the vision and goals of an organization, employees are motivated since they feel they are actively involved in the operations of the organization. The transformational leader works together with these staff members to create the objectives and goals of the organization so that implementation becomes easy due to their involvement in the policy making stages.
Sharing power among the participants in an organization as well as interacting with them plays a pivotal part in transforming the behavior of the leader as well as the employees. Change is necessary in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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