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The Role of the Family in the Relapse Prevention around Youth - Article Example

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"The Role of the Family in the Relapse Prevention around Youth" paper states that the proper upbringing is aimed to form a responsible, independent, and kind personality. Parents should be interested in their child’s surroundings and the indicators of addiction in order to avoid negative results…
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The Role of the Family in the Relapse Prevention around Youth
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Extract of sample "The Role of the Family in the Relapse Prevention around Youth"

Download file to see previous pages Many families meet important problems in upbringing children. Especially these problems are obvious in the transferring period: children – young people. Mostly it is connected with the pubertal period. At this age, people experience some serious changes in their psychology and physical state. The psychological and physical developments are very frequent and that is why young people are always anxious and it is very difficult for them to make the decisions. On the other hand young people at that age begin to feel that they need respect from the side of their parents and peers. They want their parents to conduct them as full-fledged persons. At the same time, the interests of young people are not in the frames of their family anymore, they meet new people and enter society independently. Taking into account everything that was mentioned above it is worth concluding that young people demand much attention from the side of their family at that time. It is the very time when parents should have a great impact on their children in order to achieve success in the relationship between them. Parents should understand the demands of their children, their spiritual needs. The most successful variant of upbringing is establishing good, human, and emotional relationships between generations. The members of the family complete each other and need attention. Only if their feelings towards each other are sincere, the stable and good relationship is possible. (Brenna)

There are many socio-cultural factors that cause drug addiction. The most noticeable factor is communication with people who had some experience of drug-taking. Such people are real and serious dangers for youth. Usually, young people trust their friends who have experienced drug-taking and they believe that it is really as good as they are told about. Sometimes people do not believe that drugs are impossible to give up and young people do not consider themselves to be serious drug-takers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of the Family in the Relapse Prevention around Youth Article.
(The Role of the Family in the Relapse Prevention Around Youth Article)
The Role of the Family in the Relapse Prevention Around Youth Article.
“The Role of the Family in the Relapse Prevention Around Youth Article”.
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