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The Deliberate Misuse of a Drug - Essay Example

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The reporter states that the deliberate misuse of a drug to derive a different effect from which it was originally intended is a menace and prevalent in many societies around the world, particularly those in the developed world including the United Kingdom…
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The Deliberate Misuse of a Drug
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Download file to see previous pages The knowledge of drugs and their potential for misuse that pharmacists have, place them in a unique position in any society to identify misuse of drugs and help in its prevention. (1). The initial factor in the control and treatment of drug misuse is the identification of drug misuse. Identification of drug misuse in the clinical context is not easy, as it could remain atypical, which makes it difficult for physicians to identify. (2). This brings into the picture the pharmacists, who are in a much better position to identify drug misuse and those who misuse drugs, for dispensing of drugs occurs through their hands.
The drugs that are liable for misuse are classified into three categories in descending order of relative harmfulness. Class A includes ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, LSD, mescaline, methadone, morphine, opium and the injection forms of the drugs in Class B. Class B consists of oral preparations of amphetamines, barbiturates, cannabis, cannabis resin, codeine and methaqualone. Class C includes benzodiazepines, other less harmful drugs of the amphetamine group and anabolic steroids. (3). Besides these drugs that have been classified based on their harmfulness, other drugs normally used can also be misused like laxatives and antihistamines. Thus the list of drugs liable for misuse is large adding to the difficulty of identification of drug misuse at the clinical level. (4).
Pharmacists are present at the point of dispensation with sound knowledge of the dosages at which the use of these drugs is liable for misuse. The records that they maintain on the use of drugs, be it in the prescription form or dispensed over the counter put them in the unique position of being able to identify individuals misusing drugs. (4).
Drug misuse was believed to be a problem associated with urban areas in the United Kingdom, but such a concept is no longer valid with evidence emerging that drug misuse has spread into rural areas too, bringing into the picture the relevance of community pharmacists in the treatment of drug misuse. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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