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This paper, Refugee Crisis in Europe, sets out to explain how the situation will lead to defamation on the European Union. Europe has experienced a great influx of refugees than has ever been experienced in the history of the continent since the Second World War. …
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Refugee Crisis in Europe
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Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that the division like treatment and differing opinions on the acceptance of the refugees has led the countries to take a different stance on the refugee policies. The situation threatens to compromise the strength of the European countries’ unity and derail the ambience that was enjoyed by the countries before the crisis greatly hit the continent. 
As the discussion stresses Germany had initially thrown free its borders to the refugees that were trying to enter the country through Hungary, the Balkans and Greece and introduced passport-free travel to the country. The twenty-eight-nation bloc had agreed to share the responsibility of forty thousand of the refugees that were to access the burden Italy and Greece.  As a result of the reluctance of other member countries, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Slovakia have all introduced border controls in a bid to have a record of the thousands of people who arrive from Middle East, Africa and Asia. The once open German borders have now had police on the borders and trains in a bid to control the huge number of migrants who are trying to access the European Union heavyweight. The strict controls introduced as a result of lack of commitment and cooperation from other member states. Hungary has taken a great stand against the refugees who are trying to enter its borders. The nation has warned those trying to enter the country that they risk great rejection and possibly being deported back to their homelands.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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