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The study focuses on analyzing the helping process and the three phases of its development (assessment, planning, implementation). Organizations and the professionals involved in the designing of the helping process should be competent to enhance proficiency…
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The helping process
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The helping process Introduction The effectiveness of people working in any occupation is boosted by a variety of factors. Thehelping process has been identified as one of the effective professional strategies for establishing the structure and support required to help others (McClam & Woodside, 2012). The helping process is stratified into three phases, which are; assessment, planning, and implementation. The study focuses on analyzing the helping process and the three phases of its development.
Assessment is the basic step in the development of a helping process. It involves a comprehensive evaluation of the situation to identify the problem and give insights of the possible remedy (Poulin, 2010. Moreover, the professionals get the overview of the skills and capability of the people in need of help. Therefore, I can be observed that assessment stage lays the foundation for the helping process development. However, some ethical considerations must be followed when conducting the assessment process. For instance, the people involved in the assessment exercise should be informed fully about the practice to eliminate ignorance. In addition, the rights of individuals, as provided for in the constitution, must be followed appropriately.
This phase focuses on putting the necessary structures and strategies in place to facilitate a smooth process of helping those in need. In essence, the planning stage facilitates collection of the required resources to enhance a successful process. During the planning stage, the people to be helped are prepared for the projected activities to improve their efficiency. Barsky (2010) states that the planning stage must follow certain ethical principles to ensure that social and constitutional rights of individuals are not infringed. For instance, the professionals organizing the helping process should ensure that the budgeted expenses are with the reach of institutions responsible for implementing the new developments. Moreover, the policies established during the planning stage should not go against the welfare of the participants or people being helped.
Apparently, implementation emerges as the final stage of the helping process. The stage is responsible for ensuring that all the policies established in the earlier phases are fully endorsed to improve the situation. Essentially, the implementation phase provides an avenue for bringing together ideologies and points of view of the professionals involved in the assessment and planning stages. Some of the ethical considerations in the implementation phase include fairness in policy implementation and unbiased representation of ideas from earlier phases (Kimmel, 2007). It is imperative to recognize that the implementation stage holds the backbone for the success of the helping process. Therefore, poor implementation is likely to cause challenges in the development of an efficient helping process.
Organizations and the professionals involved in the designing of the helping process should be competent to enhance proficiency. People should feel free tp seek help whenever faced with challenges in work. In essence, effective measures should be established to ensure that the helping process achieves its projected goals and objectives. Organizations should embrace the helping process to enhance proficiency in the execution of tasks.
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