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Also, called ‘helping alliance therapeutic relationship is a concept that involves the relationship between nurses or health care professional or helpers and the patient or the client. This involves a close relationship and communication between the nurse and the patient; in…
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Theraputic relationship
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Download file to see previous pages The movie losing Isiah has evidence of the concept (therapeutic relationship); the movie is a story of a young boy (Isaiah) left in the trash by her mother. The mother leaves the child for dead after she found her missing in the dumpster she had left him. Trash collectors find him and take him to the hospital where a social worker named Margaret Lewin takes an interest in the boy, later she starts filling the adoption papers for the little boy. Margaret and Charles (her husband) want to give Isaiah a good and loving home together with their daughter Hannah.
The boys mother, khaila is arrested for possession of drugs and shoplifting, she is later taken to a rehabilitation program where she heals and maintains without the use of drugs. After she leaves the program she secures a good job and finds a good place she lives, khaila later realizes that her child is well and alive. With the help of her lawyer and her counselor, khaila attempts to get Isaiah back, news that devastated the Lewins who by then considered Isaiah, their own son. The family also opens a case to fight for the boy, but the same goes for the mother, however khaila wins the case by showing that the two white parents did not expose the boy to his culture (black nation), they did not give the boy any books about blacks, had no black friends, and no black dolls. Even though the ruling was against Margarets argument was better as she defended her case by arguing that all that mattered was the love the family had for Isaiah and not political correctness. Khaila brings in an expert witness (psychologist) who argued that the mother had changed and that the child should grow to her own race.
As the social worker takes the boy away, after her mother won the case, it is evident that the boy did not want to leave the white family. In this scene, the boy screams and cries for the Lewins, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theraputic Relationship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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