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In the paper “Colgan Air flight crash” the author analyzes the case of air flight 3407 which crashed during its arrival to Buffalo in February 2009 and caused the death of many lives and as a result triggered questions on how regional airlines in the US are managed…
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Colgan Air flight crash
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(College) July 24, Colgan Air flight 3407 crashed in Buffalo in 2009 The Colgan air flight 3407 which crashed during its arrival to Buffalo in February 2009 caused the death of many lives and as a result triggering questions on how regional airlines in the US are managed (Babey, 2013). Based on the investigations from the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB), the accident was as a result of the pilot not being able to respond to stall warnings in a proper manner. There is high probability that the plain crush was as a result of improper training of the captain. It is the families of the victims that brought about a significant improvement in American flights; “Due to a tireless campaign from the families of the victims on that flight, the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, announced […] it would increase the qualification requirements and training standards for pilots...” (Johanson, 2013).
As a result of the Colgan air crash investigation, the major change that was made involved issuing of a new rule that outlines enhanced pilot training measures (Schaal, 2013). According to the rule, should any pilot fail to satisfy any form of performance milestone then the commercial airline for which the pilot is working should track their remedial training. According to the new FAA pilot training standards, enhanced pilot training, training on runway safety procedures and dealing with crosswinds must be put in place to prevent faults such as poor response to flight stall warnings (Schaal, 2013). Adjustments have also been made on co-pilot qualification standards. The co-pilots must complete not less 1500 hours of their training in order to qualify for the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate. It is only until then that they can be allowed to fly a commercial plain.
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