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Airline Operations: The Impact of a Global Monitoring System on Safety and Finances - Coursework Example

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The paper gives detailed information about the development of a new global monitoring system. There is more safety than the cost in the development of a new global monitoring system. The process may involve the establishment of an entirely new infrastructure…
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Airline Operations: The Impact of a Global Monitoring System on Safety and Finances
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Download file to see previous pages The problem with both hypotheses is that there are an early warning and detection systems for either case. In the case of terrorist activity, various routes are avoided and security measures in monitoring the people getting on board utilized to ensure mitigation of associated risks. In considering whether, technology has been used to analyze global weather, identifying possible risk zones, and hazards that may affect flight, thereby averting any accidents that may be affiliated to weather conditions (Becker 2013: 49). In addition, there are on-board systems that have been designed to act as beacons for an aircraft in the event of failure. Components such as the black box have been designed to survive intense pressure from the environment and external factors. The disappearance of an airliner, on a scheduled flight, via ‘safe’ routes, with all systems working correctly, and all personnel up to par, beats logic and sense in every way.
Airline safety is and has been a concern for many players in the industry for decades. Continuous enhancements and improvements in the standards of aircraft have been focused on ensuring the safety of operators and passengers. Companies and businesses in this field have incurred expenses geared towards improving the aircraft design, but from the evidence of disappearing and crashing flights, are not foolproof (Cobb & Primo 2003: 53). The disappearance of aircraft while in flight is not a new issue, as it has been with the Bermuda Triangle, but understanding the factors that contribute to the disappearance is yet to be understood. Several factors may lead to a failure in communication between the aircraft and tower, affecting the data on the location of the craft. In such a scenario disappearance is a simple case of misplacement of an aircraft, such as human error, instrument and measurement inaccuracies, and foreign objects in flight that may have interference properties such as magnetism.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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