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North Miami Council Meeting - Essay Example

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The format and type of the meeting was a council type. To me, this was the first meeting had ever attended throughout my lifetime. It was the…
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North Miami Council Meeting
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Extract of sample "North Miami Council Meeting"

Download file to see previous pages In this report, the meeting I attended was held in Miami city. The city council government organized the meeting among another stakeholder of the regional government. The meeting majorly put more emphasis and addressed some of the major problems affecting its citizens. The meeting was conducted on Tuesday 9th June 2015 in the evening exactly 7.00. as it is the order of every meeting, a role call was briefly performed to ascertain the members who were present and those who are not. The list of those who were absent with apology was noted and at the same time those without apology (Burrill, 1962).
Pledge of allegiance by detective Rocio, who works with North Miami police, was conducted, and after that Pastor Gregory Toussaint, who led the tabernacle of glory, put members through invocation. Oath of office administration was the section that carried more attention of the meeting. Dr. Dorothy Bndross Mindingall assisted by the school board manager in District 2 conducted it. Other events preceded this main event. The order of the business has a breakdown of subsections. These subsections were additions and deletions, amendments and deferrals (Burrill, 1962).
The meeting had more issues that were to be discussed. Among the questions comprised in the order of the business, individual presentations, city events, hurricane preparedness and consent agenda. The questions that the officials put more emphasis and discussed are the certification and of the results that were returned during the runoff election process. Pursue of this was retrieved from the previous meeting that was held at the same venue. As a council, they proposed the purchase of the order one of new transit to issue in by the police department at the agreed cost. Equipment that was brought up was scheduled to be purchased separately by the council for enforcing the law (Burrill, 1962).
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