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This discussion has identified some of the functions of the Constitution but not all. However, the discussion underlines the most important functions of the American…
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Discussion response
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Response Response The constitution underlines the structure of the government and protects the rights of the citizens.This discussion has identified some of the functions of the Constitution but not all. However, the discussion underlines the most important functions of the American constitution. The constitution also helps create a good system through which people can be well governed. Yes, I agree with my classmate’s assertion on the importance of having a constitution. Giving power to the people is essential as it the people who provide the government with the revenue needed to run the country through taxes. As such, it is important to give the public power to help them keep in check the current government and ensure that tax money is used in an equitable fashion.
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The constitution plays a big role in uniting people; it also provides a better system of governance. By establishing the three branches of government, it also helps to provide checks and balances in the government. These are the most important functions of the constitution that the above discussion has identified. Yes, I agree with my classmates view on the importance of having a constitution. Despite the American constitution being written decades ago, it has still lived to meet its purpose by helping Americans stay true to their core beliefs. However, I do not think that the Constitution helps people to be patriotic- ones love for their country cannot be solely based on the constitution. Read More
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Discussion Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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