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An individual’s performance and competence, for instance, were perceived as dependent on race or gender in past American society. Maya acknowledges race as a determinant on performance in past American society in…
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Discussion Response: English 1
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Discussion Response: English Race and gender relations affect individuals in diverse ways. An individual’s performanceand competence, for instance, were perceived as dependent on race or gender in past American society. Maya acknowledges race as a determinant on performance in past American society in her story. She further highlights gender differences as a serious form of disparity experienced in past American society. It is evident that gender discrimination still exists in selected public and private institutions. Male stereotyping and ego dominated the thoughts of most men in past American society. Consequently, men fail to acknowledge the presence and significance of their female counterparts. Maya presents her criticism questioning whether the referee acknowledged the presence of both females and males, alike. Racists feel self-interestedly motivated to support the interest of their racial affiliates. That was the case in Maya’s story.
Similar to gender discrimination, cases of regional bias were common in past America. Regional bias refers to instances in which individuals experience discrimination based on origin (Cohn 14). It implies that an individual’s origin, including status of social background affects and determines how he or she socializes and perceive situations. Experiences of discrimination negatively influence and affect an individual’s overall performance in diverse roles. In her story, Tan’s accusation of her bilingual status promoted by her social background is justified. In addition, deeply rooted cultural trends also determine an individual’s behavior. For instance, Tan is compelled to adopt Chinese dressing code. Her interaction with her associates is a factor dictated by culture. Stereotyping and discrimination is common among female gender compared to their male counterparts. If the two were of male gender, they would not experience a high extent of discrimination and prejudice that is similar to the males.
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Cohn, Samuel. Race, Gender, and Discrimination at Work. New York: Westview Press, 2009. Print. Read More
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