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A Great Deal of Patience and Understanding During Learning English Language - Coursework Example

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This paper focuses on the English language that is difficult to teach to a group of mixed adult learners. These students will have already formed their own pronunciations which are often very difficult to unlearn. The Teacher has to use a great deal of patience and understanding through the class…
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A Great Deal of Patience and Understanding During Learning English Language
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Download file to see previous pages It is the teacher’s responsibility to ask leading questions to the nonresponsive students so that all-around class participation is assured. The warmer should comprise general interaction with the students. Once the attention of the class is ensured the teacher can then proceed with the next part of the lesson where it is introduced and the students are asked to mention the one major hazards in the Universities of the USA. This will hopefully elicit the word crime or shooting or terrorist activity. The Teacher hones down on the word crime and pronounces it deliberately and writes it on the board. This will allow the word CRIME to play on the minds of the class. The teacher then asks Students to give words which sound like Crime. When Appendix B is used then students might ask why Rhyme should be part of this group since it does not have the same kind of spelling. The Teacher has to explain that in lexical terms similar sounding words may also form the same group. During drilling, students might resent the repetition of the same words over and again. The Teacher has to explain the need to be repetitive. This is when the different types of teaching aids will come handy. The Students may also rent during correction of pronunciation. This has to be handled carefully by the Teacher since this is a group of adults. The correction has to be done without humiliating anyone. Peer pressure or peer reaction may cause a reluctant student to go back into his shell. When the Teacher divides Students into pairs and instructs them to complete the matching activity in appendix C, this will naturally break up the seating arrangement and might cause a brief turmoil in the class when pairs are being selected and the Teacher has to allow a brief breather before demanding the attention of the class once again. This exercise may be less demanding for the students. However, this might prove to be taxing for the Teacher since careful monitoring has to be done with several pairs. While playing the tape in Appendix D the students may cross talk and it might be difficult for the teacher to concentrate on what each one is pronunciation. The Teacher has to handle this carefully. Strictness has to be combined with a firm and gentle attitude. This exercise will serve to reinforce knowledge, to give SS the opportunity to practice phonetics in an exercise that becomes gradually more difficult to provide a verbal record of structure and to allow SS to work without fear of embarrassment. The next activity starts when the Teacher divides the class into pairs and asks them to make five sentences with any of the words in the list. This will ensure renewed confidence in students from working with a partner and will allow Students to hear different examples of good usage from peers. This will set lexical items in good usage. Monitoring and correction will also drive home the concept of good and correct grammar. Since the study of lexical items can often become very boring and monotonous it is very important for the Teacher to remain in good humor and encourage students to remain in good humor. The Teacher has to constantly encourage the Students to relate personal incidents which have relevance with the topic on hand. This will enhance the student-teacher interaction and each conversation will encourage the student to increase the confidence to speak in English. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Great Deal of Patience and Understanding During Learning English Coursework.
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