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The policy of New York articulated subway train - Research Paper Example

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For long, NYC had an old transportation system, which was characterized by features such as congested subways. The main aim of the New York city as far…
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The policy of New York articulated subway train
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Extract of sample "The policy of New York articulated subway train"

Download file to see previous pages The metropolitan transportation authority of New York resolved that enhancement of public transit system so that one can travel throughout NYC seamlessly and easily is the biggest goals in the transportation sector (Carrigy p.1). This triggered the formulation of a policy that whose objective is replacement of the old trains with the articulated trains. Several benefits are attributable to the articulated trains as the document discusses.
New York City is embarking upon a massive re-branding campaign so as to increase the visibility of New York as a tourist destination. This will increase access to transportation system in New York and hence enhance system’s connectivity. This has never been important as it is today partly because of the massive increase of population. It has been noted that NYC is faced with a unique challenge mostly because it already have crowded population and the population is also growing (Middleton 4). However, populations in other major metropolitan cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles have leveled off in the recent time. New York City’s population has not revealed signs of tapering anytime soon.
The policy or idea of articulated trains in New York is as old as the year 1924. In the year 1924, the Brookline-Manhattan transit corporation introduced a policy for a triplex. It was a hinged multi-sectioned body. It operated in the lines B, D, N, Q and R for a period of 40 years. The policy represented the height of the transit modernity. The system was effective just in the New York municipality. They are, however, not in operation today. However, the transportation system has the potential of accommodating the technology of articulated trains although rebranding is essential (Wortman 12).
The metropolitan transportation authority has, therefore, rolled out a policy of reintroduction of the articulated trains. The policy was communicated in the year 2013. It is expected to be fully ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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