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Developing a Good Transportation System - Case Study Example

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The following paper entitled 'Developing a Good Transportation System' presents transportation which refers to moving people, animals, and goods from one place to another by the use of transporting vessels such as land vessels, air vessels, and sea vessels…
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Developing a Good Transportation System
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Extract of sample "Developing a Good Transportation System"

Download file to see previous pages Vehicle transport involves the use of networks such as trains, bicycles, automobiles, trucks, people and water, air and space crafts. On the other hand, operations involve the way transporting vessels are operated and the procedures set aside for their operation including financial support, legal and policy mean. The public and private sectors have contributed to the infrastructure and operations ownership in the sector of transport especially relying on the nations and mode of transport.
Transportation has become a non-separable part of society today. Transport has greatly contributed to the lifestyle of people, the range location of activities and the goods and services available for consumption. Modern transportation has made many positive changes in the living standard of people and the organization of the society hence has a great influence on the development of civilization by meeting the travel requirements of people and transportation of goods and services to areas where they are urgently required. Therefore, transportation has changed the way people live and travel in developed and developing countries where a large fraction of people travels every day to work, shop and any other social reasons. However, transport also uses many resources such as time, fuel material and land. Therefore, transport has contributed to three main roles such as economic, social and political roles.
The economy of every country greatly depends on transport for production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. There is a massive requirement of transport of resources from one particular area to another in the society because people depend on the natural resources to satisfy their basic needs and wants in life but due to non-uniform surface of the earth and local resources, there are many differences in living standards in different societies. These resources vary from physical things such as goods to non-physical (services) such as knowledge and skills that include examples such as doctors and technicians to a place where there is a need for them.
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Developing a Good Transportation System Case Study.
“Developing a Good Transportation System Case Study”.
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