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Young Generation Illegal Chinese immgrants in the US - Essay Example

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In the recent past, the number of young illegal immigrants who have moved to the United States of America in search of better livelihood and chance in life. Most of them find a place and opportunity in life in the United States of America in the big city of New York. The life…
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Young Generation Illegal Chinese immgrants in the US
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Download file to see previous pages s much as the life in the United States of America may be comparatively easier and more appealing, the actual conditions of life may not be as rosy as one would expect it to be. For the purpose of this essay and exposition, this paper will focus on the hypothetical example and instance of a young illegal immigrants from China called Wei Yuocang who was a twenty two year old from Lian Jian in China.
To begin with, the young generation of Chinese immigrants are attracted to the United States of America under the guise and promise of a better life and a way of escaping the harsh realities in their home country China. For his case, he moved to the United States of America when he was a young man in his teenage years. It was so because the chances and prospects of getting a proper livelihood in China were bleak. Being an orphan whose parents died when he was young faced the tremendous challenge and difficulty of having a proper life in China then he opted to seek the services of a snakehead or an agent to settle him in the United States of America. The snakehead or an agent is a person who specializes in sneaking the illegal immigrants from China to the United States of America through the South America route of countries such as Mexico and Ecuador.
It is my reasoned opinion and respectful line of thought and reasoning that the agent does not follow the due process of ensuring the young Chinese immigrants find proper and valid documentation on the United States of America. This is the reason as to why the young immigrants are settled on menial jobs in restaurants with less prospects and chances of getting other better paying jobs with more benefits and working terms or conditions. The moment they arrive to their work stations they have difficulty in finding other social services such as credit cards, health insurance amongst other social benefits that a person would expect to get on a normal day and time.
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