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Republic of Angola - Prospects and Opportunities - Essay Example

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However, it is subsequent to this war that peace was established in the country and the republic started to pick its pieces towards…
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Republic of Angola - Prospects and Opportunities
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Download file to see previous pages epublic of Angola started to work its way towards becoming a regional player in Africa after the war was through the collaboration with some of the developed countries that include the United States. There was the formation of the U.S-Angola Chamber of commerce that made attempts to sponsor a wide array of the companies in Angola as well as a number of the international companies. Partnership with the United States by Angola has created particular forms of opportunities that arise as a result of international cooperation, the presence of private investment and the increase of trade between the two countries and many others (Renato 2006, par. 1-10).
Since the end of the war, Angola has been able to reflect a lot of social, political and economic progress over a period of five years. For instance, there has been an ambitious program that has been created in relation to the provision of rehabilitation services following the massive destruction that took place in the country following the war period. It is related to the development and improvement of the social infrastructure, the provision of a steady economic growth, the stabilization of political institutions as well as the improvement of the security conditions (Roque 2014, par. 1-8).
There are therefore a lot of prospects and opportunities presented to the Republic of Angola in its efforts to become among the leading regional players in Africa. Being the second largest producer of oil in the Sub Saharan Africa, after Nigeria, the country has been able to experience a boom in oil production between the years 2002 and 2008 since the production of oil state at several fields in deep water. The Republic of Angola has taken a great step towards ensuring that it maintains its rate of production and export by being a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Companies (OPEC) (Birmingham 2006, p. 92).
Oil production and export in Angola is another major prospect and opportunity that is likely to place the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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