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Comparison of the Concept of Self Promoted by Confucius and the Confucianists and in Daoism - Essay Example

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"Comparison of the Concept of Self Promoted by Confucius and the Confucianists and in Daoism" paper explains how they both differ from the Buddhist approach. The author agrees to the statement that “Human rights are a western concept that does not apply to Asian countries.”…
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Comparison of the Concept of Self Promoted by Confucius and the Confucianists and in Daoism
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Extract of sample "Comparison of the Concept of Self Promoted by Confucius and the Confucianists and in Daoism"

Download file to see previous pages If we have a look at the developing countries like India and China from the region, the problem of human rights was really very severe some time back, but, with the influence of education and westernization of these huge economies, some of the problems have really been resolved. If we have a look at some other nations like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, etc. the problem is still very acute in these countries. We will take some of the key points that are cardinal to the principle of human rights.

The manufacturing sector in most of the countries in Asia has always been accused of inhuman practices in the field. People have blamed that the labors in these nations have to work more than 12 hours a day and seven days a week for wages not even good to earn two meals a day for them, leave alone their families. The government has been a total failure in implementing the minimum wages in most of the Asian countries. Because of the excess population, the supply of manpower in countries like India and China is much more than its demand, and the low skilled workers, therefore, have to survive for their entire life in the utmost penury and destitution. No wonder that South India reports the highest number of suicide cases in the entire world, as per the report by the British Journal ‘Lancet’ in 2004. The total number of suicide cases reported in 2002, just in India was a massive figure of 154,000. To add to this, Child labor, although it is punishable in most of the countries in Asia, including India and China, it is not hard to find them working in industries, hotels, resorts, and recreational centers. Such laborers are available at a very cheap rate and work for extra hours. Child labor, while working, does not go for any education, and all such uneducated children in turn produce a score of babies who also remain uneducated after starting to work at an early age. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Comparison of the Concept of Self Promoted by Confucius and the Essay, n.d.)
Comparison of the Concept of Self Promoted by Confucius and the Essay.
(Comparison of the Concept of Self Promoted by Confucius and the Essay)
Comparison of the Concept of Self Promoted by Confucius and the Essay.
“Comparison of the Concept of Self Promoted by Confucius and the Essay”.
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