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Republic of Poland- Republic of Angola issue, focusing on opportunities - Essay Example

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Angola endured long years of impoverishment and depletion caused by the civil war witnessed in the country. However, with the end of the civil…
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Republic of Poland- Republic of Angola issue, focusing on opportunities
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Extract of sample "Republic of Poland- Republic of Angola issue, focusing on opportunities"

Download file to see previous pages With the deceleration period being surfaced in Europe, the Sub-Saharan region is anticipated to grow exponentially. The prolific and stable economic climate endured by Angola today has resulted in an enormous modernization of industries and an ever-rejuvenating population. With its GoAfrica initiative, Poland has one of the best opportunities to grow economically with Angola by establishing lasting socioeconomic and political relations.
Why Africa and Angola in Particular? Africas population is expected to grow twice by 2030 to reach 2 billion people and continue to grow further to 5 billion people. The people in Europe are shrinking, and the economic growth is to decline. The African countries are emerging markets that bear the potential for the Polish companies to do business (Benelam, 2010). It is anticipated that Africa will have the largest labour force worldwide shortly. The stabilising political environment in Africa has significantly boosted the economic growth. Africa occupies 60% the worlds farmland with a promising potential for food supply. Poland has therefore narrowed its target and focus on particular countries in Africa with a dimension that is sizeable to the capacity of its companies. Angola is the third-largest economy in the Sub-Saharan Africa and the second largest oil producer in the region. With a population of 24.5 million people and a GDP of 139 Billion USD, the country presents a thriving market opportunity for the Polish companies and the Polish government (Salter and Bousfield, 2009). The expected per capita gases, oil, energy, mineral and agricultural resources in Angola have the potential to make the country one of the richest nations in the south.
Attractive Sectors for the Polish Companies in Angola. The food and agricultural exports, retail business, agricultural investments, the mining and chemicals, oil and gas, energy and water and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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