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What is the significance of the end of the Cold War for US Foreign Policy - Essay Example

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In the history of international relations, the end of the Cold War has crucial importance in terms of evoked core transformation in international system and the short period of all the outcomes to become visible for the contemporary people. In the given circumstances, the impact…
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What is the significance of the end of the Cold War for US Foreign Policy
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Extract of sample "What is the significance of the end of the Cold War for US Foreign Policy"

Download file to see previous pages inevitably should address different situations all over the world on a regular basis. Thus, the given essay aims to represent both positive and negative aspects of the appeared transformation of international regime for the United States. In the context of advantages, the paper determines the stability of American internal processes in the new circumstances as a basis for its claims on hegemony and strengths in both realist and liberal terms. At the same time, it acknowledges the dangers of prevalence of numerous not dual powerful interests and American economic weakness, which limit its current prominence. In short, it turns evident that the end of the Cold War encourages the US foreign policy to simply accustom already existing principles to the new international conditions.
On the one hand, the beginning of Cold War period evoked the completely new agenda setting for the USA; in this context, the rapid collapse of the USSR meant only the elimination of real threat not the end of the already launched processes. For instance, the Grand Strategy of NSC-68 seems not sustainable in the contemporary security matters due to its age. Notwithstanding this, the ground idea of the organized security policy is still valid and determining the U.S. foreign policy1. Moreover, the lying principle of containment policy to “lay chiefly in preventing the coming together of potentially hostile states”2 sounds reasonable and up-to-date even in the new circumstances. Because of this, it is possible to state that USA has a long-term experience of managing the world in order to maintain its complexity and separateness. Therefore, the post-Cold War appearance of the U.S. foreign policy does not require the new approach but simply encourages to modify already existing strategies in the new international system.
In fact, the elimination of one of the members in a pair international dominance rivalry creates an opportunity for the winner in this race to turn into ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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