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Gender role - Essay Example

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It is said to have started in Japan, but no elaborate records exist to confirm that. The practice is thought to be unsanitary, which is largely the reason for outlawing it…
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Gender role
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Extract of sample "Gender role"

Gender Roles Paraphrasing Due Will You Try Nyotaimori? By Diana Nyotaimori, commonly practiced in the Western societies, involves eating shushi off a woman’s naked body. It is said to have started in Japan, but no elaborate records exist to confirm that. The practice is thought to be unsanitary, which is largely the reason for outlawing it in Japan. Those saying nyotaimori is unhygienic point out the fact that heat from the human body would favor the growth of salmonella bacterium on the shushi served. In the western societies, nyotaimori is such a common thing, and is offered very expensively, usually not lower than $500. It is mostly practiced in the night. The restaurants offering nyotaimori in the western societies disinfect the ‘human tables’ and cover the private parts with banana leaves. The ‘human tables’ are also chilled to ensure that the fish doesn’t spoil. All these measures don’t make nyotaimori any less unhygienic.
Hiromi’s Hands by Charlotte Richardson
This article is about a children’s book, Hiromi’s Hands, authored by Lynne Barasch. It is about Hiromi. Hiromi is a girl, 27 at the time this article was published, whose father, a shushi chef, had emigrated to and settled in New York City. Her father stayed in New York for more thirty years, during which he met Hiromi’s mother and even opened a shushi restaurant. At 8, Hiromi developed interest in becoming a shushi chef. Her father took her to Fulton Fish Market to introduce her to the shushi basic. After three years of training, she could use the shushi knife and by 20, she had learnt everything about shushi. She takes over when her father makes his first trip to Japan in over three decades. The book has shushi-related illustrations, and some images of Japan and New York. Read More
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(Gender Role Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Gender Role Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Gender Role Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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