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Number Due Date Faculty Name Dear John and Jane, To my good and closest friends, I would like to touch on a few interpersonal relationship concepts that have served me well in the past and hope this offers both of you some guidance also while working through your recent engagement…
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Download file to see previous pages "Empathy is the key" (Howland, 2007). Please do not put value judgments on your differences and that your diversity is what makes each of you special and unique (Howland, 2007). As close as we may believe we are, in an effort to communicate, you will find at times, barriers that will affect the ability to communicate with one another. I sincerely believe that each of you deeply respects each other and because of that, I will offer the following advice. John and Jane, barriers we find in everyday things that we do. Communications of any kind come from the simplest of things for example what we feel, smell, see, taste, and touch. This interpersonal communication course taught me that people continue to study this. Maslow developed a model of needs in 1968. Maslow said that interactions with others help to satisfy personal needs (Maslow, 1968). Through these needs, we learn to communicate with each other. Continued respect for each other will help each of you determine when the barriers are semantic, emotional, or psychological. Semantic barriers often include symbols that may have different meanings. Because both of you come from different cultures symbols that each of you use frequently may mean different things. Semantic barriers are avoidable. Symbols differences are a fact because of the cultural diversity you share. Discuss these symbolic differences with each other during the process of your engagement to avoid misunderstandings. Semantics errors lead to poor expression of the actual message you wish to share with each other. Semantic errors also lead to faulty and unnecessary translations. Semantic errors will deliver un-clarified assumptions that lead to uncomfortable situations. Emotional and psychological barriers in the process of communication may lead to both of you feeling hurt, acting inattentive or loss of the actual translation (Janasz, 2002). This communication process is a shared equal process. Each of you must always remember that communication is the process of sending and receiving of messages that comes from two very individual people. That each of you continue to recognize that each of you comes from different cultures, backgrounds, education, interests, experiences, attitudes, and that John and Jane each of you need to be cognizant that when you send and receive information from each other do not let barriers interfere with the message. Noise and other distractions are everywhere. If the subject is one that can lead to a barrier, take the time to listen to one another (Janasz, 2002). John and Jane, at times it is a matter of assessing ones personal communications. Conversations with others help us to assess our own personal communication style. Through these conversations with one another is a way to connect with each other and help build on this relationship. In an ability to improve your communication competencies, I offer the following advice. Interpersonal communication is a way to satisfy the social and esteem needs you may each require. It is also a way to give and obtain affection. We all have communication habits. These habits help us to connect and interact with others (Sole, 2011). However, those same habits can be a negative to the relationship. I learned in my intercommunication class that we have four key concepts that it is important to be cognizant of throughout your enjoyed relationship. It is important to recognize and incorporate the qualities that each of you possesses through your confidence, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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