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Education has long been described as a life-long process and one’s education, at least at the formal level, becomes greatly successful when it is done in one’s preferred area of study. Whereas one’s formal education during the early years is determined by the external…
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Personal Letter To University
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Personal Letter to Education has long been described as a life-long process and one’s education, at least at the formal level, becomes greatly successful when it is done in one’s preferred area of study. Whereas one’s formal education during the early years is determined by the external elements such as family, parents, availability of educational institutions etc, there is greater opportunity to pursue one’s preferred area of study at the later stages of formal education. For example, my decision to pursue a post-secondary education helps me in pursuing my career interests as well as personal interests which can help me to be successful at the University. My preferred area of study is Social Work and I am applying for Bachelor of Social Work at the York University. Significantly, my work experiences and outside activities, along with my personal interests, offered me courage to pursue a post-secondary education in BSW Bachelor of Social work which will be highly constructive a career according to my beliefs and purposes. Anyone who is familiar with my career goals, personal interests, personal study, accomplishments, volunteer activities etc would not be surprised to know my decision to pursue a post-secondary education in Social Work and, instead, he/she will be convinced that I will be successful at the University.
One of the basic factors that have contributed to my decision to pursue a post-secondary education in Bachelor of Social Work is my conviction about my personal goals and interests which were made clear to me by my work experiences and outside activities. As an individual born in Afghanistan during the latter half of the 20th Century, which is (in)famous for politically motivated strife, war torn cities, and poor conditions of the citizens, I have realized that Afghanistan has been unfortunate enough for being at the receiving end of the ambitions of a number of people and forces which have translated into the suffering of the Afghani people. Now that I have moved to Canada, there still remains the urge in me to make a material difference in the lives of others. Thus, the most important motivation for my decision to do social work is my personal interest in easing the suffering of others and my family has been a significant influence in this regard. I was brought up as a child with great attitude for social services which gave me immense pleasure and determination to help the poor. As I came face to face with the reality of inequality in our society, I pledged to make use of every opportunity in life to lessen the deep divide that exists between the rich and the poor. In the modern world of social inequality, especially with regard to the worrisome situation in third world countries, I plan to acquire the skills and knowledge that the undergraduate program in social work can offer in order to make a difference in the world. Therefore, I have chosen to pursue a post-secondary education in Bachelor of Social Work because this course can help me materialize my personal and career goals.
My educational background as well as my personal accomplishments in the past very well supports my decision to pursue a post-secondary education in Bachelor of Social Work. I have attended Seneca College of applied arts and Technology, Ontario, in Canada. I have also undergone four important courses in Social Service Worker Immigrant and Refugee and achieved great result with GPA of 4.00. These courses have offered me great motivation and skills to further my study in Social Work at the University. To mention my volunteer experiences in social works and related accomplishments, I have received a Certificate for doing an outstanding job at Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services Toronto, ONT, (Volunteer work) and providing excellent service to its clients. At this venue, I offered information, referral and access counseling with regard to services such as health, housing, employment, training and education, legal aid, finance, social services, and immigration. I also assisted clients in understanding and integrating into Canadian society, practices and procedures, and offered advice on ways of life, institutions, laws, etc. In short, my career goals, personal interests, personal study, accomplishments, volunteer activities etc have contributed to my decision to pursue a post-secondary education in Bachelor of Social Work and I strongly feel that this opportunity will help me in making some difference in the world around. Read More
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