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By studying in the United States I hope to be able to bridge these gaps as the world moves towards a more unified global community. My chosen field of electrical engineering will be especially demanding in Montenegro as the country improves its technology…
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What are your academic goals for study in the US
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My Academic Goals for Studying in the United s To the people of the United s my home country of Montenegro is a geographically distant land that is at peril of being left in the dust of rapid technological change. In a world of instant communications our differences in culture and language can become obstacles to our effective communication. By studying in the United States I hope to be able to bridge these gaps as the world moves towards a more unified global community. My chosen field of electrical engineering will be especially demanding in Montenegro as the country improves its technology and builds a world class infrastructure. My ultimate aspiration is to gain a state of the art education that can benefit the people of Montenegro as we face the challenges of a shrinking world in the 21st century.
Communications will be one of the key components that will be required for our successful interaction in the post-modern world. At the heart of communications are the technical innovations that continue to be made by electrical engineers. With the benefit of a university program in the United States, I will gain the exposure to the latest thinking on technology that is available. This information will not just be for its value as a pragmatic application, but will also stimulate my own thinking about the direction that our technology is heading, now and in the future. These studies will carry with them the peripheral issues of ethics and social responsibility. This cutting edge technology, and its appropriate use, will be at the core of the new global network.
The technology of tomorrow, and its ability to link the world together, will be of little use if it is not standardized around the world. Recent changes in the world's political climate and the expansion of the European Union have made this an even more pressing issue. By studying in the home of the world's technological leaders, I can assure that I will have the necessary insight into making sure our protocols and systems can operate on a cross-border basis. I hope that my studies in the United States can help guarantee that a future Montenegro student can make the most efficient use of their computer or cell phone from anywhere in the world.
Studying the field of electrical engineering in the United States may seem highly technical, but it is also a cultural adventure. Living and learning with the people of the United States will give me an invaluable personal experience. Education is more than simply knowing the answers, it is also understanding the people. I look forward to learning more about America, its traditions, and its diverse population. In addition to my engineering studies I want to take courses in the humanities that are taught from the American viewpoint. Understanding our world from another point of view is an asset that I will cherish for a lifetime.
These are the main things I hope to accomplish from studying electrical engineering in the United States. It will give me an opportunity to bring the latest technical innovations back home to my own country. My life long goal is to make a contribution towards bringing the technology of Montenegro into the 21st century global community. Standardizing the world's technological infrastructure will help guarantee the free and unimpeded communication between the people of the world. Gaining a knowledge of another culture will help us better understand it. Read More
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