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Is the 'Promise' of international institutions really 'false' - Essay Example

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International relation is abroad study that explains relationship that exists among countries and the roles of international organizations such as non-government organization, international on-government organization among others. International affairs fall under the field of…
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Is the Promise of international institutions really false
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Download file to see previous pages The international institution has not conformed to its agenda maintaining world peace as it has been witnessed that institutions such as IGOs do not include its entire agenda in societal and international issues1. Some institutions relates to issues of economic while ignoring cultural, and security issues.
International institutions have encountered several critiques questioning their involvement in world issue. The arguments view these institutions as a basic reflection of power distribution in the world2. They have based their self-interest on calculations of achieving great powers and not possessing independent effects on behavior of the states. This shows that the institutions might be seen to be relevant in spreading norms that are common to states but they still do not enhance interstate peace being that they still need to have complex institutional structure to reduce chances of conflicts among states.
Besides, the IGOs that still do not include security issues in their agenda, but majors on fewer issues cannot pursue management of conflicts in a peaceful manner .Therefore, the institutions should avoid creation of groups based on powers of those states so that they can abandon their individual interest and be in position to reach mutual agreement. By doing this the institutions can now receive favorable arguments that they are surely decreasing conflicts among states. These issues have therefore resulted to invention of various theories that are concerned with peaceful conflict resolution among warring states3.
There have been several empirical evidences showing that commercial institutional peace research to have done commendable work in ensuring that the incidences of military interstate conflict reduced. This has been made possible through the following way; firstly, commercial institutions haveensured that they increase the opportunity cost of war for various states. Secondly this institution has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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