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Inquiry-Based Report (Professional Inquiry and Reflection) - Essay Example

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Research Report Opening Week Observation There are several issues which are prominently present in the domain of post-secondary education. Post-secondary education is, on one hand, significantly important for the development of any individual; on the other hand, there are several significant problems which are faced by students during their education…
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Inquiry-Based Report (Professional Inquiry and Reflection)
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Download file to see previous pages Secondly, there is commonly a substantial distinction in classes between students who collect good marks and others who do not acquire reasonable grades. Those students who acquire low grades can be further categorized into two. One group belongs to those students who are efficient learners and understand concepts and theories which are being taught to them. Despite their efficient learning, their grades are not sufficient as compared to the other efficient learners. The other category of low grading students is consisting of those students who find it difficult to understand and reflect upon concepts and theories which are taught in class. This signifies two of most critical issues regarding the scope of education which include the role of assessment criteria and those factors which are affecting the learning capabilities of some students in a uniform environment. Regarding to these issues, the research questions for this study are: Why certain theories are emphasized in curriculums? How assessment and evaluation criteria contribute to the issue of good learning students having lower grades? What factors are causing the distinction among students regarding the understanding of taught concepts and theories in a uniform environment? Conducting research In order to accumulate the information regarding the research question, the assessment of previous literature is essential. Kolb, Alice Y. and Kolb, David A. "Learning Styles and Learning Spaces: Enhancing Experiential Learning in Higher Education." Academy of management learning & education 4.2 (2005): 193-212. Print. In this article, authors are aimed draw a more enhanced implications for experiential learning. A framework of learning space has been introduced to the better understanding of the relationship between students’ learning styles and the learning environment of institution. It proposes that the concept of experiential learning must be applied of whole learning environment. The problem of students with learning and understanding the concept due to any major possible reason, like inequity in race, gender or class, can be addressed through this literature. It also deals with the alterations in the curriculum by which the learning of students is highly associated. Mezirow, Jack. "A Critical Theory of Adult Learning and Education." Adult Education Quarterly 32.1 (1981): 3-24. Print. The author, in this article, illuminates the subjective perspectives of students in their learning processes in the light of Jurgen Habermas’s ideas. The intention and goals of learning and the accusition of learning process in the domain of academic learning of students play a sufficient role in the attainment of good grades. However, the research question regarding the assesment criteria also illuminates the institutional flaws in the description of certain criteria by which students can successfully acquire the information regarding the choice of learning process. Mezirow, Jack. "Transformative Learning: Theory to Practice." New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education 1997.74 (1997): 5-12. Print. In this article, a transformative learning process has been proposed by the author in that the stress is upon critical thinking. The article presents that the thinking in order to learn must be comprised of autonomous and critical cognition instead of straight absorption of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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