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Equality-Voter Turnout - Essay Example

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However, it is important to respect all people regardless of their sex orientation, religion, and even race. This is primarily because every individual is…
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Equality-Voter Turnout
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Extract of sample "Equality-Voter Turnout"

Equality – Voter Turnout Equality The issue of same sex marriage is controversial in the world today and people often find it difficult to talk about it. However, it is important to respect all people regardless of their sex orientation, religion, and even race. This is primarily because every individual is entitled to an opinion and thus his or her choice should be accorded the sufficient respect it deserves. With this regard, governmental policies and laws should not bind gay people who are fully convinced that same sex marriage is the best way for them. Just like their heterosexual counterparts, these individuals should be granted the freedom to make choices concerning who and what time to marry. However, reparative therapies should be encouraged for gay individuals who feel the urge to change their sexual orientation.
All human beings are equal and equal rights should be accorded to them for being human. With this regard, people should not be prevented from marrying whoever they want because persons are born different with varying preferences. Moreover, some gay individuals are born gay meaning that they have minimal or no control over the feelings that engulf them. Restricting such people from marrying whomever they want is an infringement of their basic human right.
However, same sex marriage is against the original intention of the creator. Because of this, reparative therapies are important to help homosexual individuals, who feel that is not the life they want, to transform their sexual orientation. This therapy will help them lead normal lives and be treated the same way other men or women are treated. Further, reparative therapies should only be restricted to gay individuals who wish to change because every individual’s choice should be respected (David, 2013).
Voter Turnout
Voter turnout in most of the federal remains very low. Quite a number of eligible voters do not show up at the various polling stations in the federal states. The paper provides reasons for the low voter turnout. Further, the paper gives the possible solutions likely to curb this problem.
The two-step voting procedure bars citizens from voting. The registration process and the voting process happen at different times. In addition, the registration of the citizens is not a government role. Citizens are required to vote at their respective polling stations. Migration from the time of registration to voting finds other eligible voters far from their polling stations. The distance makes the voter avoid traveling hence low voter turnout.
The voluntary voting leads to reduced voter turnout. Further, the fact that people must vote on Tuesday reduces the number of voters drastically. In most of the federal states, most of the eligible voters have the feeling of their vote not counting. Further, barring of criminals from voting for life contributes greatly to low voter turnout. Therefore, the low voter turnout remains pegged on restrictions that are beyond the eligible voter’s control
The low voter turnout is a bad thing. People‘s voice is not fully heard and respected. In addition, people’s choice is not truly determined as not all of them accept the elected person. Low voter turnout can happen in various ways. For instance, according to Heather Gerkin, in an article for the journal Democracy, she strongly advocates for automatic registration (Gerken, 2012). The government should take the responsibility of registering its citizens for them to show up only during the voting process. In addition, there should be the simplification of the voting process. People should know how long they are likely to queue from the comfort of their homes through their smartphones. Online voting will help in increasing the voter turnout. People must not travel from their workplaces to various polling centers.
In conclusion, increasing voter turnout will provide a platform for respecting people’s voice in an election.
David, B. (2013). The Future of Marriage. New York: Encounter Press.
Gerken, H. K. (2012). A New Progressive Federalism: Distrust of states’ rights exists for good historical reasons, but today, minorities and dissenters can rule at the local level. Retrieved from Democracy Journal : Read More
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Equality-Voter Turnout Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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