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Sexual orientation discrimination - Research Paper Example

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One of the common ways that these two are discouraged is by work discrimination. Dealing with discrimination is crucial to attracting, motivating and retaining the staff. Therefore, enhancing an organization’s…
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Sexual orientation discrimination
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Extract of sample "Sexual orientation discrimination"

Download file to see previous pages A lot has been done to curb this. Since the employers are the primary stakeholder, they have been encouraged to consider policies and procedures that respect the sensitivity and respect of every individual sexual orientation. Besides, the government has enacted laws to protect the workers in this context. It is paramount to understand that people of all sexual orientations should experience a welcome and be safe in the places where they work and enjoy a dignity treatment.
Sexual orientation discrimination refers to, how employers treat employees unfavorably or harass them on the basis whether they are gay, lesbian bisexual or heterosexual (Joslin, 2004). Since any discrimination is discouraged at the workplace, this is not an exception. It is undesirable. Therefore, the government has tried to pass laws to discourage this type of discrimination. Unfortunately, the attempts to come up with straight laws to protect these individuals have been unsuccessful in the federal government although there are more bills being prepared (Badgett, Lau, Sears, & Ho, 2007).
Despite this, the law does not encourage discrimination based. There is an Act that protects individuals from this type of discrimination. It is enshrined in the title VII of the civil rights act of 1963. This law prohibits workplace discrimination that is based on among other factors, sex of the individual. This includes the sex orientation of an individual. These laws aim to bring relief against discrimination in accommodation to public and private institutions (Malos, 2007). They persuade the employers to employ to promote equal employment opportunities in the workplace.
On company practices, this law restricts the employers from, first failing or refusing to engage any individual on the basis of the sexual orientation (Badgett et al., 2007). This means that any qualified person whether male or female has equal chances to enter into ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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