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Sexual harrassment - Admission/Application Essay Example

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It includes unwanted sexual attention, gender harassment, and sexual coercion. On the other hand, racial harassment includes racial insults,…
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Sexual harrassment
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Download file to see previous pages It includes making offensive remarks regarding an individual’s religion, denying religious freedom, or even attempting to convert other people (EEOC, n.d.). It is related to sexual harassment because an individual of a certain religion can be singled out and mistreated sexually.
Sex harassment is a gender-based mistreatment of individuals. It includes discriminatory comments such as women are incompetent or less-productive (Buchanan & Fitzgerald, 2008). It is similar to sexual harassment because both of them target a specific gender. However, they differ mainly on the intention of the abusers. Sexual harassment refers to the intentional mistreatment of victims for sexual gains while sex harassment refers to discriminations, which deny individuals gainful benefits such as employment.
National origin harassment is an ill-treatment of an individual based on their country of origin. It includes offensive remarks about an individual’s ethnicity, accent, or national origin (EEOC, n.d.). It differs from sexual harassment because the victims are from specific countries or regions.
Age harassment is a maltreatment of individuals based on their ages. It includes jokes or comments ridiculing people of certain ages, offensive gestures, cartoons, and age-based offensive behavior. It can occur at workplaces or other public or private places. At the workplace, age harassment could involve discriminatory practices such as demotion or firing of the victims because of their ages (UNISON, n.d.).
Age harassment differs from sexual harassment. For instance, in the workplace, the victim of age harassment may fail to get hired because the employer prefers young-looking individuals. Conversely, the victim of sexual harassment may fail to get employed because of failing to provide sexual benefits to the employer in exchange of the employment. A victim of age harassment may also be fired from work because the employer wants to retain younger workers. By comparison, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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