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Since everyone shares life on this planet, no one has a right to waste, destroy or use more than what is fair of the resources. If the world is…
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Personal reflection
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Managing Human population Environmentalist uses the phrase spaceship to persuade countries, people and industries to polluting and wasting natural resources. Since everyone shares life on this planet, no one has a right to waste, destroy or use more than what is fair of the resources. If the world is divided into poor nations and rich nations, two-thirds of the population would be desperately poor while a third will be rich. According to Hardin, he stresses on the export of technology and advice instead food and money (Hardin). This a better idea as there will be financing of programs that can help in improving the agriculture in starving nations. These will increase food production to a great extent that will satisfy a nation’s population. In my thought, a growth in the economy should provide sufficient wealth for the whole population. Mostly, this does not happen because the population the poor grows rapidly and they do not share in the increased industrial expansion. The tragedy of commons is a trap that involves the conflict between resources of individual interests and those of common good. The problem with arising from this measure in managing the human population is the assumption that commons need to be regulated both the international and national agencies. In my thought, it is not entirely possible to control the commons or convert them to private property.
In most countries, there does exist a gap between the existing population and what is regarded as the optimal population. Reasons, why countries have sub-optimal population, vary both geographically and historically. Daly suggests that tradable permits are a measure that can be use to control the human population. The allusion to birth rights for income inequality is contrasted. In my opinion, the tradable rights to have children are the only means to manage the human population. Each girl should be given a license to allow her to have, say, two children. Tradable birth rights may be a better measure as couples who have more than two children will risk previous the economic benefits.
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Hardin, Garret. Lifeboat Ethics: the Case Against Helping the Poor by Garrett Hardin,
Psychology Today, September 1974. 10 June 2003. 22 April 2015 . Read More
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