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The paper "Obedience as a Part of the Peaceful Societal Co-Existence" states that social institutions, in most cases, are established to create check and balance on the levels of obedience exhibited by individual societal role players. Put differently, extreme obedience cases are not necessary…
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Obedience as a Part of the Peaceful Societal Co-Existence
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This paper describes the implications engulfed in the extreme obedience necessity.
The open answer to the extreme obedience necessity is no. Extreme obedience suppresses creativity and innovation, as people are afraid of giving their innate opinions to the relevant authorities. Morality and military obedience though necessary should allow for the exchange of liberal opinions between the junior military officers and senior ones. During the Vietnam era, divergent opinions in scholarly and secular writing predominantly was a sign of disobedience to authorities especially the military authority (Milgram & Zimbardo, 2009). Nonetheless, psychologically, the suppression of military groups in relation to their morality and obedience was the factor that led to the dysfunctional nature of the warfare activities in which the military personnel was undertaking. Currently, there have emerged change times in regard to morality and military obedience hence the emergence of ultimate shifts of attitude towards obedience as reflected on the dual military tension between autonomy and freedom of individual soldiers.
In conclusion, in order for human beings to aptly maintain their social stability and individuality, a balance between insubordination and obedience must be achieved through a liberal collective bargain between the authorities and the individuals. Obedience is overly harmful especially in extreme cases where it appears to be the reason for all the individualistic physical and or mental anguish. Okinawa’s residential protest in Japan in commemoration of the Second World War postulates a situational cause of mental and physical anguish as a result of continues and forceful obedience into these residents. The American military was preeminently portrayed as the party charged with causing pain to the Japanese residents. This was an attribute of extreme obedience, which led to the emergence of disobedience by the Japanese in the form of subordination, which was the necessary choice to be taken in response to the American soldier’s call for extreme obedience. If an individual person follows the authority’ task blindly and causes harm to others, they appear to have lost their ability to and individuality in relation to making choices of their own. Once an individual person blindly follows a figure of authorities’ ordinance, such persons may conform to the majority in extreme cases where the many people are under the sole command of the superior powers. Read More
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