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In this discussion, the writer of this essay "Peaceful coexistence within society" explicates the reasons that have facilitated his belief in these three imperative issues and also describe the policies that have been implemented to ensure that they occur amongst our society…
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Peaceful coexistence within society
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Peaceful coexistence within society
In my entire life, I have believed in three main issues that promote societal development; the spirit of hard work, peaceful co-existence as well as proper community health. In my view, these are the pillars of community development in almost all the nations and there are various policies and political agendas that have been formulated and implemented to ensure that the three pillars exist within the societies. In this discussion, I will explicit the reasons that have facilitated my belief in these three imperative issues and also describe the policies that have been implemented to ensure that they occur amongst our society.
Peaceful co-existence within every society is pertinent in promoting development; it is apparent that in the contemporary global society countries that experience frequent civil violence and conflicts are among the poorest in terms of economic and social developments. This is because conflict and violence has resulted to immigration of business investors, development experts as well as a massive number of their population who could have participated in developing their nation. Conflict between neighbors or countries may also result to loss of lives especially of innocent skilled people who may promote the rapid economical development of a nation (Council of International Relations 2008, n.p)
There are various policies that have been formulated and implemented by different stakeholders to ensure that there is a peaceful co-existence within the society for instance; famous presidents like Franklyn D. Roosevelt advocated for peaceful co-existence between nations, an action which saved the world from a large extent of barbarism. Currently various peace policies have been implemented to ensure that societies and nations live peacefully for example, the UN Peace Building Commission that was developed in 2005 which has thirty one member state and it is geared towards promoting peace between the member state nations through the development and monitoring of peace building activities.
The second societal aspect that I believe in is the spirit of hard work among individuals, societies and nations. Hard work in every development activity is the pathway that leads individuals from poverty; it is imperative for everybody aspiring to be successful to commit himself/herself in all activity he/she conducts. The fruits of hard work are also important in reducing immoral activities among the society such as robbery and violence that are generally conducted by idle people. Individual commitment and dedication towards performing duties that generate livelihoods is also pertinent to the overall development of a nation.
There are various campaigns and advocacy activities that have been conducted by various stakeholders to create awareness among the community on the importance of hard work and participatory community work. These campaigns are also meant to educate the community on sustainable development practices (Capacity Building); they are mainly conducted by Non-governmental organizations as well as governmental institutions.
Consequently, I also believe in proper community health as a foundation and pre-requisite for community development. A society free of diseases and illnesses is relatively in a better position to experience rapid economic and social development; this occurs in the sense that most resources that might have been directed towards fighting disease are channeled towards developing the society. Various government programs and non-governmental health program have been implemented to combat diseases, for instance: The government of the United States of America recognizes the pertinence of societal health in economic development and therefore through the department of health it has implemented health programs to ensure that proper health is maintained. The department of health conducts awareness programs to encourage the populace to acquire health insurances (U.S Department of Health n.p)
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