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Review Paper Assignment - Book Report/Review Example

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A hypothesis is a specific testable forecast on the expectations of the study. The study had two hypothesis, but the researcher stated that the second one was the most important to the research. Oberski, Weber and Révilla suggested that social desirability affects people differently. It is strong to others while it is weak on other people. …
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Review Paper Assignment
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Review Paper Assignment Review Paper Assignment Main research question The main question is to determine the effect of social desirability on survey reports on the factors that determine local people’s attitudes towards foreigners and migration into the country.
A hypothesis is a specific testable forecast on the expectations of the study. The study had two hypothesis, but the researcher stated that the second one was the most important to the research. Oberski, Weber and Révilla (2012) suggested that social desirability affect people differently. It is strong to others while it is weak on other people. That was an implication that social desirability acted as a cause of stochastic errors. The stochastic errors refer to the changes that occur to the dependent variable not directly affiliated to the dependent variables. In relation, Oberski, Weber and Révilla (2012) observed that, if the perceived determinants of the attitude of immigration have an element of social desirability, the existing relationship between the attitudes was unauthentic.
Concepts Definition
Oberski, Weber and Révilla (2012) defined various terms that he used in relation to the independent and dependent variables. The researcher defined systematic errors as the common reaction that an individual will have in a case where the researcher present a particular method and factor that is socially desirable. In addition, they defined the meaning of social desirability. The researcher defined social desirability as tendency that the respondents have to provide answers that are normally expected. Moreover, Oberski, Weber and Révilla (2012) attempted to define the meaning of socially desirable answers and concluded that they are answers that deviate from the true meaning.
Indicators of the variables
Oberski, Weber and Révilla (2012) used questions related to attitudes to determine its effect to the social desirability and the attitudes towards migration. The researcher decided to use a minus, a star, and a plus to indicate the different relationships between social desirability and the different elements of the attitude on migration. A star indicated a non-fixed direction. For instance, the researcher hypothesized that the Germania’s believed that it was not politically wise to hinder the immigration. Therefore, the first trait (All Same) was represented by a star. A plus and a minus indicated whether the trait corresponded highly or lowly to the perceived norm. The indicators of the social reliability on different attitude were measured against direct questions and disagree-agree questions.
Research design
The research design is both a cross-sectional and a survey study. The researcher conducts once in cross-sectional studies. Various researchers commonly use survey research designs. The researcher drafts questions that psychologically acquire information from the respondent. The researcher drafts questions to obtain the data from the potential respondents. Similarly, in the research above, the researcher drafted questions that were used to assess the influence of social desirability on the attitude on the migration. The research involved an observational study. Oberski, Weber and Révilla (2012) only takes the observation made by a particular group of people under study. In the study, the researcher asked attitude related questions in order to establish the effect of social desirability on the attitudes on migration.
Sources of Data
The source of data was a survey designed by the European Social Survey. Oberski, Weber and Révilla (2012) asked similar questions that the European Social Survey inquired earlier. They asked questions that were direct disagree-agree and agree-disagree questions. The aim was to establish the influence of social desirability in the questions that ESS asked earlier in their research.
The aim was to validate the effect of social variability in attitude toward the immigration. Oberski, Weber and Révilla (2012) regressed the social desirability factor with presence or absence of an individual during the interview. The researcher found that in the presence of a person there was a high level of social desirability than when the third party was absent. The researcher also tested the power of the test score and found that it was valid. In addition, the researcher found that traits (Alloth and AllSame) had a significant effect on social desirability (Oberski & Revilla, 2012). The social desirability had similar effects to those found in the systematic errors and the random errors. The main factors that influenced the social desirability were the political ideology and the third party present during the interview. The research found that factors affecting attitude toward migration also affect the social desirability. Therefore, the Oberski, Weber and Révilla (2012) identified three sources of errors that include social desirability, systematic and random error.
Oberski, D. L., Weber, W., & Révilla, M. (2012). The effect of individual characteristics on reports of socially desirable attitudes toward immigration. InMethods, Theories, and Empirical Applications in the Social Sciences (pp. 151-157). Retrieved from Read More
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(Review Paper Assignment Book Report/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Review Paper Assignment Book Report/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Review Paper Assignment Book Report/ Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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