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Theory Analysis - Assignment Example

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Part 2 of the final paper involves analyzing the theory. Note how describing is one of the lower levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy and analyzing is one of the…
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Theory Analysis
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Extract of sample "Theory Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages What is the underlying epistemological paradigm of this theory? (All theories have an epistemological foundation. We have covered the following epistemological paradigms: logical positivism, post-positivism, realism, postmodernism, interpretivism/social constructivism, critical theory, feminist theory.)
The underlying epistemological paradigm of the incentive theory of motivation is behaviorism, particularly, purposive behaviorism. Behaviorism, otherwise known as the behavioral learning theory, explain observed and/or measured behaviors as an outcome of an external event, which means that “a human being will learn to behave in a certain manner because he or she has discovered that something desirable or punishing may occur after a desirable or punishing behavior takes place” (Nath & Cmajdalka, 2011, p. 141). In 1932, Tolman (as cited in Fiske, 2008) developed “a purposive behaviorism, conceiving of incentives as the quantity and quality of a reward” (p. 10).
Why do you think this is the epistemological paradigm underlying your theory? (This is where you will link the ontological, axiological, and methodological assumptions of the epistemological paradigm to the tenets of the theory. You will need to review the tenets of your selected theory and review the assumptions of the epistemological paradigm.)
2. An axiological assumption has something to do with non-moral sources of value (McDonald, 2008). Behaviorism is divided in this aspect. Some theorists believe that behaviorism does not entertain any assumption with respect to value judgment (Harcum, 1996). However, Dewey (as cited in Boydston, 1989) believes otherwise.
1. Objectivism assumes that the symbols people used during such cognitive activities such as thinking and talking derives meaning by virtue of their capacity to stand for objects, people, properties, as well as the associations between them as their existence is real. In simpler terms, objectivism views the world as a set of objects ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theory Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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