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Paper- Validity: External, internal, construct - Assignment Example

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Abused-To-Abuser Hypothesis: Validity Issues Name University For this paper, a systematic review of existing studies on the abused-abuser hypothesis will be conducted. It is critical to painstakingly assess the methodological quality of the primary studies when conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses, because if the primary studies are invalid, then conclusions from these reviews cannot be credible too (Cozby, 2012; Creswell, 2009, p.29)…
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Paper- Validity: External, internal, construct
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Download file to see previous pages Non-experimental research designs, nevertheless, cannot be completely excluded because they can efficiently answer problems and produce practical results for studies that aim to explore the topic and its constructs and research trajectories (Jarde, Losilla, & Vives, 2012, p.98). This essay compares and contrasts the characteristics of external, internal, and construct validity. It also determines threats to external and construct validity, and how validity issues could impact the proposed research. Internal validity pertains to how well a study has been designed, particularly the research design, operational definitions, measurement of variables, determination of what should be and should not be measured, and other important design decisions and details (Mitchell & Jolley, 2010, p.40). For this study, did child sexual abuse truly cause or correlate to development of sexual offending attitudes and behaviors among the sampling or group being studied? McGrath, Nilsen, and Kerley (2011) discovered from their review of literature on profiled juvenile delinquents and adult sexual offenders that the physical and psychological trauma of sexual abuse does not, all the time, amplify the predisposition of children to become future juvenile and adult sexual offenders of children also, although “their chances are greater than for those who are not abused as children” (p.487). The internal validity of the study will be assessed according to the fit of the research design to the tools and analysis used, and if the researchers answered their research question, using appropriate variables and suitable definitions and measures for these variables. For the purposes of this paper, the internal validity of the systematic review can be enhanced through providing relevant details on how the research was conducted and the criteria used for the selection of studies. Systematic reviews are transparent with their research process, particularly how they selected and removed journal articles for their study. Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method studies will be used for this paper, as long as they meet quality criteria, and the researchers admit their biases, or their biases can be discerned as low enough to not affect the validity and reliability of their research design and findings. External validity stands for the range to which a study's results can be generalized or become applicable for other people and conditions (Creswell, 2009, p.170). Burton, Duty, and Leibowitz (2011) compared sexually victimized and nonsexually victimized male adolescent sexual abusers on several variables. T hey used self-report measures on 325 male sexually abusive youth (with the average age of 16) in six residential facilities in the Midwest, of whom 55% attested that they experienced sexual victimization. Findings showed that the sexually victimized abusers had serious antecedents and more externalizing behavioral problems that affected their sexual practices and attitudes. Around 47% of the participants were Caucasian and other demographic factors are not discussed and controlled. It is possible that the results of this study can be applied to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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